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GuestOct 12, 20223 min read

Newest Work Trend: Why Companies Like Google Are Increasing On-Demand Hires

Picture the average Google employee. You likely thought of someone sharp, tech-savvy, and hardworking. But did you picture them as an on-demand professional? Probably not, but these freelance professionals are the future of the company. In 2018, on-demand professionals outnumbered full-time employees at Google for the first time ever. And the trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping. 

As of 2022, there are over 70 million on-demand professionals in the U.S. Big companies like Google took note of the temp economy and what it could do for their business. Ready to follow suit? Read on about how on-demand professionals are transforming businesses of all sizes.


Newest Work Trend


Google’s Freelance Talent Pool

While you’ll find a large number of Google workers enjoying complimentary lunch at their headquarters, you’ll find more temp workers working diligently on their projects as on-demand professionals. Google calls these professionals their “extended workforce,” while Oomple leans towards “on-demand professionals.” And they’re quickly becoming the backbone of the tech company. 

Not all on-demand talent share the same benefits like health insurance or pensions. Google saves money this way, and the impacts are massive. Tech companies can save up to $100,000 a year on an on-demand hire as opposed to a full-time employee.


Newest Work Trend


Future Of On-Demand Talent At Large Companies

It’s predicted that in the coming decade, on-demand talent will make up half of the workforce, and Google is hardly alone in contributing to this workplace trend. Many tech companies are following their lead and employing more on-demand professionals. About 1 in 5 workers are hired on-demand.

When it comes to future-proofing your company, on-demand professionals should definitely be part of the plan. Upskilling will aid in being proactive and filling these gaps. On-demand talent is the answer for companies looking for additional project support and skills. In the future of work, companies may also find their next full-time all-star employee after their contract ends.


Why Hire More On-Demand Professionals?

Newest Work Trend


1. Drive Growth

From Development to Project Management, on-demand workers have cutting-edge skills. It’s their job to stay current on agile methods, trending skills and tools in their domain, and more. By infusing on-demand professionals into your projects, you gain access to skills you may be lacking on your current team.


2. Cost-Effective Hiring Model

On-demand talent can save you major overhead costs when hiring. Traditional employees require benefits and a salary. When it comes to important long-term projects, it makes financial sense to onboard on-demand professionals instead. Of course, they should be paid a rate that encompasses their skill level and experience (even with attractive hourly rates, the savings for companies are still abundant in the long run).


Newest Work Trend


3. Finish Projects Efficiently

When managing a project, iterations and muddled requirements can slow down the whole process. Even worse, skill gaps on your current full-time team prevent you from finishing on time. Invest in on-demand talent to meet requirements and finish projects in a timely manner.  


4. Best Alternate to the Staffing Industry

Given their lack of transparency, traditional staffing agencies are tedious to work with. The Oomple hiring platform is digitized to maximize support for both companies and on-demand professionals. Get direct access to top-tier talent through our one-stop-shop hub. Our dedicated team makes sure payments are delivered on time, so you don’t have to worry about it. Finally, we embody transparency and ensure you have direct access to talent. 


5. Find Those “Hard to Find Skills”

Let us do the vetting and networking to find talent with in-demand skills. Find professionals on our platform with the skills needed to grow your business. Our network of over 40,000 professionals is at your disposal. Data-driven matching within the platform allows talent to come to you. View your ideal candidates’ rates, references, and more before choosing to hire them. 


Newest Work Trend


6. Risk Management

Once you find the right candidate, we deliver fast. Your chosen on-demand talent can start working for you in just 48 hours. Not only are you getting talent quickly, but we’ll also give you an excellent rate. Our low service fees are up to 35% lower than traditional staffing agencies. You can start a 14-day pilot to see if Oomple is right for you. We’re sure you’ll love it, but there’s a no-hassle contract if you decide Oomple is not for you.


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