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A New Take on Recruitment

Success in today's talent space lies in embracing both technology and the essence of human connection.

Oomple Copilot offers not just a platform but a strategic framework that empowers professionals to excel in their roles. For those navigating the complexities of talent acquisition, Oomple Copilot is the bridge between tech-driven efficiency and the enduring value of personal relationships and community. Oomple Copilot is the compass that guides you toward talent engagement, personalized connections, and a level of oversight that redefines the recruiting landscape.

A New Take on Recruitment

purplefaviconOompleThe Power of Personal Relationships

When you’re looking for top talent, or simply just growing your own network, personal relationships are the linchpin of success.

While technology has streamlined many aspects of hiring, it's the human touch that remains indispensable.

product-icon-03Tech-Infused Pipeline

An efficient talent pipeline is a tech-driven affair. CRM systems, AI-powered sourcing tools, and data analytics have transformed how recruiters and agencies operate.

Yet, these tools are most effective when they complement rather than replace the human touch.

section2_icon_magnifying_square-2Your Personal CRM

Tap into over 50,000 (and growing!) on-demand professionals, anytime, anywhere.

Oomple brings the network to your doorstep, eliminating the need for you to search far and wide, and reducing the amount you spend on tools to further your reach.

persons-icon A Growth-Focused Community

Go beyond the transactional nature of recruitment and access a thriving community that can help you grow.

Oomple Copilot's exclusive community leverages collective intelligence, fostering diverse perspectives, psychological safety, and mutual growth.

The Oomple Story

At Oomple, we're not just a company; we're a mission. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea – to transform the way talent is acquired and managed.

Our CEO and Co-founder, Norm Daigle, encapsulated it perfectly when he said, "Starting Oomple was really a no-brainer after my experiences hiring and working with consultants." 

Norm's personal experiences in the field highlighted the glaring inefficiencies in the traditional hiring process. Consultants sent by staffing agencies often didn't align with project requirements, leading to stress, time wastage, and unnecessary costs. This painful reality persisted for over two decades.

It was time for change. Oomple emerged as a solution to shift the focus from budget constraints to building valuable relationships between employers and consultants. We envisioned a marketplace model that would empower both sides, making the process simpler and more convenient. Our goal was clear – to become facilitators, not barriers.

Enter Oomple Copilot, a paradigm shift in recruiting. We understand the challenges of the reactive vs. proactive approaches in talent acquisition.

With Copilot, we empower our users to be proactive trailblazers. It's a compass guiding you toward talent engagement, personalized connections, and a level of oversight that redefines the recruiting landscape.

Why should talent relationship management be your priority? Because it's more than just a trend; it's the very future we're building.

Cultivating enduring bonds with top talent sets you apart. Oomple Copilot acts as your gateway to these connections, nurture them, and witness your candidate pipeline thriving. It's your catalyst for slashing turnover rates and elevating your employer brand to new heights


Our Name & Logo

We're not an average software or hiring company. We've put our heart and soul (with laughs and tears) into developing a platform that bridges the gap between companies and freelancers. We believe it's time to change the way freelancer professionals are selected, developed and deployed to projects for better & faster results.

Bridging the Gap

Let's be honest, for yours there's been a gap in recruiting practices. There's a lack of visibility for both companies and professionals. A lack of visibility of market, average rates, supply versus demand, just to name a few... We're here to bridge that gap by adding transparency and empower each side the ability to plan proactively.
the concept_01-1


Build Connections

We focus on the overlap where company's needs and freelance consultant skillsets meet. We leverage over 50 data points and AI to help connect, grow and match. Our platform is designed to create a better experience for both companies and freelancer consultants. 

the concept-01-2

  • Leadership Team
Norm Daigle CEO & Co-Founder

With over 20 years of experience in software development and consulting services, Norm has firsthand familiarity with both sides - from hiring consultants to offering expertise on a contingent basis.  He has a vision of revolutionizing the current staffing model, using innovation to support the evolving workforce.

Serge Casault COO & Co-Founder

Serge also comes with 20+ years in the information technology industry. His experience spans across global services and software organizations in various delivery and operations positions — Serge is a builder at heart. He believed it was time to change the the contingent workforce and staffing industry and co-founded Oomple.

Callie Garvey Munro Chief Product OfficerCallie has spent the last 10 years working in corporate tech. At Oomple, she is passionate about building a platform to truly support companies and professionals with their needs. What she loves most about leading a tech-driven work life and a slow home life in the woods, is the opportunity for one to meaningfully influence the other. 
Sarah Powers Chief Revenue Officer

Sarah has over 10 years in Sales & Marketing across various industries. Sarah is always thinking ahead & trying to solve tomorrow's problems today. She is inspired by people, nerds out on data and likes to get things done. She is inspired by the future of work and the opportunity to have a positive impact on it.


We’re in this together

We believe that diverse experiences and perspectives are what makes any team great. We’re a team of creatives, innovators, pun masters, go-getters, dreamers & snack connoisseurs. We’re proud of what we’ve built and of the awesome people that we’ve worked with along the way.

We’re changing the way hiring and working is done between companies and on-demand talent to make it a seamless and successful experience.

Through Oomple, we also want to build a community that uplifts and supports each other. Connect, interact, grow, and find your dream team. We want to ensure everyone feels included, welcomed and has an equal opportunity.


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