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Tap into the World's Most Powerful Talent Network

Oomple connects you to a dynamic, pre-vetted network of over 75,000+ professionals. Benefit from real-time data on availability, rates, and skills, ensuring you always find the right fit. Our ever-growing network ensures you have access to the best talent, anytime you need it.

Trusted by Top Staffing Agencies


What We Do

At Oomple, we revolutionize talent sourcing and management for staffing agencies. Our platform bridges the gap between agencies and a dynamic network of over 75k pre-vetted professionals. We empower staffing agencies to find the right-fit candidates with access to our vast network and innovative recruitment tools.

With Oomple, tap into the world's largest hiring network, streamline your sourcing process, enhance productivity, and achieve superior recruitment outcomes.

Leverage the Power of

Oomple's Networking Effect

Oomple revolutionizes your recruitment process by providing access to a dynamic, pre-vetted network of professionals. Our platform integrates self-managed profiles, ensuring candidate information is always up-to-date. 

Oomple's networking effect continuously refreshes and expands your talent pool with real-time data on availability, rates, and skills. Save time on data upkeep, streamline your recruitment process, and focus on strategic hiring. 


Pre-Vetted, Active Network

Tap into Oomple’s exclusive network of over 75,000 pre-vetted professionals, available with real-time data on availability, rates, and skills.

Experience a 50% reduction in time-to-fill and a 96% satisfaction rate in opportunity matching.


Works with Existing ATS Systems

Oomple easily integrates with your existing ATS and CRM systems, enhancing your recruitment capabilities and ensuring a smooth workflow.

Import your candidate database and access both your contacts and our vast network of professionals.


Go Beyond your Database

Oomple enriches your existing database with self-managed profiles and a vibrant networking effect. This ensures candidate information is always current, saving you time on data upkeep.

Focus more on strategic hiring and less on admin, streamlining your recruitment process and boosting placement success.

Trusted by Top Agencies

“Oomple's innovative platform has a more positive and beneficial approach to both consultants and agencies. We're able to really leverage the platform to meet our complex hiring needs.”
Michael GiguereSenior Director — MaxSys
“Oomple made life easy when it came to hiring, the platform provided a wide selection of ready-now candidates, simplifying the recruitment process and enabling Talasoft to focus on its core mission.”
Talal EidCo-Founder and COO of Talasoft
"Oomple revolutionized our recruitment process, streamlining hiring, enhancing candidate sourcing, and improving team collaboration. The platform’s automation of job postings, AI matching, and candidate management tools stood out. We highly recommend Oomple for its efficiency and effectiveness in attracting top talent.”
Tam NguyenHead of Talent - Orangutech

Discover Oomple's Powerful Features

Leverage a Dynamic Talent Network

  • Active Network: Access a pre-vetted network of 75k+ professionals with real-time data on availability, rates, and skills.

  • Wish Lists: Track and connect with preferred candidates, receiving notifications when they become available.
Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 12-54-56 PM

Streamline Your Recruitment Process

  • AI Matching: Instantly match with experts tailored to your project needs, reducing time-to-fill and improving hiring efficiency.

  • Real-Time Data & Market Insights: Stay connected to live data on candidate availability, rates, and supply, aiding strategic planning and providing market insights.

  • Advanced Search: Utilize powerful filters and Boolean search to find the best candidates based on specific criteria.
Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 12.54.31 PM

Maximize Your Reach

  • Job Posting & Network Reach: Advertise job openings on multiple platforms, including Oomple's network, Google Jobs, and 20+ key job boards.

  • Social Media Integration: Boost your job postings on social media platforms, enhancing visibility and expanding your network.

Enhance Communication and Engagement:

  • Mass Messaging: Effortlessly communicate with candidates, keeping them engaged and informed with automated updates and notifications.

  • Seamless Integration: Integrate Oomple with your existing ATS and CRM systems to ensure a smooth recruitment workflow and maximize your recruitment efforts.

Tap into Oomple's Elite Network Today

Don’t miss out on accessing over 75,000 pre-vetted professionals with real-time data on availability, rates, and skills.

Connect with the best talent and experience a 50% reduction in time-to-fill. Elevate your recruitment process now!

Wondering How Oomple Works?

You've got questions, we've got answers.

Check out our knowledge base, FAQ below, or simply, contact us today!

What inventory do you have?

Oomple offers an extensive inventory of over 75,000+ pre-vetted freelancers, consultants, and project-based candidates. Our talent pool spans various industries and skill sets, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Is Oomple an ATS?

Oomple enhances your ATS by importing your candidate database into our platform, giving you access to both your contacts and our vast network of professionals.

Stay updated with real-time info by inserting a direct Oomple link into your ATS. This integration keeps you efficient and boosts your candidate sourcing process, making it easier to find the right talent.

Do you do timesheet tracking?

Yes, Oomple offers integrated timesheet tracking to help you manage your workforce efficiently. Our system allows candidates to log their hours, which you can easily review and approve, ensuring accurate and timely payments.

How does Automation & AI enhance the platform?

Oomple leverages advanced AI and automation to streamline the recruitment process. Our AI Matching feature quickly connects you with candidates tailored to your project needs, while automated workflows and notifications keep candidates engaged and informed throughout the hiring process.

Where is the inventory located?

Our inventory is globally distributed, allowing you to connect with top talent from around the world. Whether you need local expertise or remote professionals, Oomple has the resources to meet your recruitment demands.

How do you grow the network?

Oomple continuously expands its network through strategic partnerships, targeted marketing, and referrals from satisfied clients and candidates. Our robust vetting process ensures that only the highest-quality professionals join our platform.

How do I use my existing database with Oomple?

Oomple complements your curated databases with self-managed profiles, reducing the need for constant updates and data verification. This allows your team to focus on building relationships and securing placements.

Benefit from Oomple’s networking effect, dynamically enhancing your database through the activities of all users. Enjoy a broader, more engaged talent pool without the extra overhead.

Why should I choose Oomple over Linkedin?

Oomple is tailored to meet the specific needs of recruiting and sourcing agencies, focusing on the contract and freelance sectors. Unlike broader platforms, Oomple provides targeted tools and features that streamline the recruitment process, making it more efficient to connect with qualified candidates.

The investment in Oomple translates into significant time savings and enhanced placement success, which are crucial for agencies looking to gain a competitive edge in the talent acquisition space.