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Strategic Candidate Engagement

Elevate your consultancy's service with Oomple, where smart candidate management meets sophisticated skills matching and seamless ATS integration. Build a pipeline of vetted resources, ready to meet the exacting standards of your corporate clients.

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What We Do

Oomple revolutionizes the way consultancies source candidates by providing a comprehensive platform that automates the talent acquisition process, from skills matching and vetting to seamless integration with ATS and CRM systems.

With Oomple, consultancies can expect a streamlined, efficient, and effective recruitment process that not only saves time but also significantly enhances the quality of hires.

Elevate your consultancy's candidate sourcing with Oomple.

Utilize our comprehensive database, advanced vetting processes, and AI-driven candidate matching to enhance your talent pool and automate your recruitment efforts on a grand scale.

By integrating diverse data sources and leveraging sophisticated algorithms, Oomple streamlines the connection between top-tier talent and your client's needs, ensuring your consultancy stands out in the competitive landscape of talent acquisition.

Skills Matching & Vetting

Utilize our advanced algorithm for precise skills matching and enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive vetting process, ensuring only the most qualified candidates are presented.

Network Effect


Leverage the power of Oomple's network effect, where ongoing candidate matching and a dynamic talent pipeline are at your fingertips.

Set your criteria and let our system uncover the right candidates effortlessly.

Seamless Integration


Easily connect to your ATS for a streamlined workflow and manage candidate relations with our built-in CRM, transforming talent acquisition into a strategic advantage.

Why Oomple Copilot and Consultancies are a Match Made in Heaven

Today, consultancies are faced with deep hiring inefficiencies. Traditional candidate sourcing methods, which are time-consuming, often ineffective, and fail to guarantee a candidate's match to the company's needs.


Oomple addresses this by providing a solution that automates and refines the sourcing process, ensuring that consultancies can offer their clients top-tier candidates that are not just qualified but are the perfect fit for their organizational culture and goals.

product-icon-01No Direct ATS Integration?No problem. Import your database and utilize our simple link system to maintain ATS functionality.
product-icon-03Already Have a Database? Oomple enriches your existing database with self-managed profiles and a vibrant networking effect, saving you time on data upkeep.
product-icon-02New to Contract Business?Leverage our active network to dive into contract staffing and grow your business.

Ready to Transform Your

Sourcing Process?

Explore Oomple today and see how our platform can revolutionize the way you connect and manage talent.

Sign up for a demo, read success stories from agencies like yours, and discover the perfect Oomple plan for your organization.

1000+ Of new opportunities each month
550+ Companies and agencies on the platform
96% Satisfaction on opportunity matching

Wondering How Oomple Works?

You've got questions, we've got answers.

Check out our knowledge base, FAQ below, or simply, contact us today!

Oomple and ATS synergies

Understanding that seamless workflow integration is key for recruiting agencies, Oomple offers a flexible solution to complement your ATS. By importing your candidate database into Oomple, you can enhance your search capabilities, accessing both your contacts and our expansive network of professionals.

To bridge the integration gap, you can insert a direct link from Oomple into your ATS, ensuring you stay updated with real-time information on candidates, communications, and availability. This workaround not only maintains efficiency but also enriches your candidate sourcing process, making it easier to find the right talent.

We don't use contractors for our business

Expanding into the contract business can open new revenue streams for your agency, and Oomple is the perfect partner for this venture.

With our active network of On-Demand Professionals (ODP), you can quickly offer contract staffing solutions to your clients, leveraging our platform to find the right talent. This not only diversifies your service offerings but also positions your agency as a comprehensive solution provider in the rapidly evolving workforce landscape.

How can I be sure you have the right people on the platform?

Oomple encourages agencies to adopt a proactive approach to talent sourcing. Rather than relying solely on available candidates, our platform enables you to build and nurture relationships with potential talent, creating a ready-to-go pool of candidates tailored to your clients' needs.

This strategic foresight means you're always prepared with a high-quality candidate list, ensuring faster placements and satisfied clients.

How does Oomple work with my existing database?

For agencies that pride themselves on their curated databases, Oomple acts as an extension rather than a replacement. Our platform's self-managed profiles reduce the need for constant updates and data verification, freeing up your team to concentrate on what they do best—building relationships and securing placements.

The unique networking effect of Oomple means that your database is dynamically enhanced through the activities of all users, offering you a broader, more engaged talent pool without the additional overhead.

Why should I choose Oomple over Linkedin?

Oomple is tailored to meet the specific needs of recruiting and sourcing agencies, focusing on the contract and freelance sectors. Unlike broader platforms, Oomple provides targeted tools and features that streamline the recruitment process, making it more efficient to connect with qualified candidates.

The investment in Oomple translates into significant time savings and enhanced placement success, which are crucial for agencies looking to gain a competitive edge in the talent acquisition space.