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General FAQ


How is Oomple different from staffing agencies and other job websites?

Oomple is different from staffing agencies for many reasons, here are a few: 

  1. Our Platform: We've digitized the hiring experience through our marketplace. 
  2. Transparency: Unlike staffing agencies, on-demand professionals and companies have visibility of the entire process through our marketplace and aren't left in the dark. There's transparency on rates, access to jobs and talent and your personalized profile to engage with talent and companies, view applications and your contract status. 
  3. Less costly: You'll also be saving a lot more on costs through our subscription model. 
  4. Expert roles: Many freelance websites are catered to more small, task-based freelance jobs. In contrast, our freelance professionals and consultants work on larger, more complex projects that require specialized skill sets. They also work on a contract basis. So companies hire when they need expert talent for the amount of time needed to accomplish specific goals.
Why choose Oomple over these other options?

As mentioned above, we offer a digitized, transparent and cost-saving way to hire top professionals.

If you're a consultant or have specialized skills, Oomple is your best bet in finding larger, important contracts. You can search for roles, and you have control over rates and visibility over engagement with companies through the entire transparent process. 

If you need to hire top experts on contract for important projects, Oomple is the way to go. These specialized skills will help accelerate company goals and accomplish projects more efficiently. Examples of these are Web developers, Project Managers, Data Scientists, Business Consultants, I.T. Professionals, Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, and more. 

In comparison, staffing agencies leave both the company and consultant in the dark throughout the process. And other job websites and job boards tend to cater to either full-time hiring employees or small gig-type of freelance work. 

We've also integrated all the best features you need to hire or work - making us your all-in-one, one-stop-shop for all your hiring or work needs. 

Our platform includes: 

  • A job search marketplace with Ai matching tech
  • Success Experts and recruiters that vet and match candidates
  • Talent tracking system and management
  • All you need from search to contract to fulfillment
What's the difference between a freelancer and an on-demand professional?

Freelancers can be anything from simple, task-based work (gig worker) to a more highly skilled niche area of expertise (consultants). 

Typically when the word "freelancer" presents itself, most people associate it to task-based work done as a side job of a full-time role or multiple task-based gigs. That's why we've decided to move away from the term "freelancer" when describing professionals on our platform. 

It's simply to avoid some confusion. Although professionals on our platform work in a freelance capacity - i.e. are self-employed and work on a contract basis - they are specialized experts working on complex projects or at an executive level.

Since there are many terms out there to describe these professionals who work on a contract basis - consultants, freelance professionals, contract workers, temp employees and specialized freelancers - we've grouped them under the term "On-Demand Professional."

Why the term on-demand professionals? We felt it was a way to consolidate what all these terms/individuals have in common — they do work on a need-to-need basis. Hence companies hiring on-demand as needed.

Companies hire On-demand Professionals to fill skill gaps and accomplish important projects faster and more efficiently. These roles range from Project Managers, Cloud Architects, Scrum Masters, UX/UI Designers, Data Scientists, Web Developers, Financial Analysts, and many more. 


What measures are in place to protect my data?

We store our data on other hosting platforms that have integrated security. We take security seriously, so when partnering with hosting platforms, one of our main priorities was to ensure our partners reflected the same views on data security, security management and practices.

Is my personal information protected?

We're committed to providing our members with amazing service, which sometimes involves collecting and using your personal information to help us better serve you. With that, protecting your personal information is one of our highest priorities. We comply with all laws regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Wherever possible, we will inform you of why and how we collect, use and disclose personal information; obtain your consent, as required; and handle personal information according to applicable law. Our privacy commitment includes ensuring the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your Personal Information and allowing you to request access to and correct your Personal Information. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.


Why do I need to create an account?

Creating your account is needed to store all your information and data. Your account information is essential to matching you with the best-suited professionals for your business. Our team also communicates with you, how you receive notifications and job status, and how you engage with your team. 

Creating an account also allows you to have your personal profile, which will enable you to use the platform to its fullest. Within your account, you can search for roles or candidates, grow your network, add members to your team, check your post or application status, edit your profile and information, edit your personal calendar, and much more. 

How do I verify my account?

Once you sign up on the platform, you'll receive a verification email to confirm your account. Once you've verified your email, you're all good to go!

How do I change my email or password? To change your email or password, simply log into your Oomple account, select "Account" on the left bar, and edit accordingly. Remember to select "Update" once you're all done so that the changes apply.

Suppose you forget your password (ah, it happens to the best of us). You can select the option "Forgot Password?" that will appear on the login page. You'll then be sent an email with directions on how to reset your password.