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Find The Best Candidates at The Right Time with Oomple Copilot

Oomple Copilot is more than just an ATS or a CRM - it's a tool that enables recruiters, sourcers and agencies to focus on building relationships, build proactive candidate pipelines and network.

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Oomple Staffing Agency Candidate View

Search an Active Network of Professionals

Oomple Request Management

Manage and Nurture Candidates

Oomple Networking Community

Proactive Sourcing & Pipeline Building

Oomple Vetting and Filtering Options

Quickly Qualify & Filter Candidate Pools

Trusted by Top Brands


One Seamless Experience

Oomple Agency Search Portal

Unlimited Access to an
Active Network

Explore a vast pool of over 60K+ on-demand professionals. Enjoy direct access to unlimited job postings, and benefit from the networking and activities of others on the platform. 


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Oomple view of Proactive Pipelines

Networking & Sourcing Tools

Expand your network through  recommended connections and proactive sourcing tools. Empowered with tools to effortlessly nurture connections and build lasting relationships with on-demand professionals.

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Oomple Candidate Profile

Direct Communication with On-Demand Professionals

Reclaim hours every week by harnessing the power of limitless direct and bulk messaging. Unlock the potential of unlimited posts, endless connections, and yes, you've guessed it right, boundless messaging capabilities

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Oomple Agency Dashboard

Cost Savings On Revenue-Generating Tasks

Subscribe monthly, whether you're hiring 1 candidate or 20. The value is evident with just one successful placement of an on-demand professional per year. Not to mention the benefits of time and cost savings through direct communication, unlimited postings and messaging.

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Make your relationships
work for you

Your recruiters and sourcing team require more than a basic applicant tracking system. What they truly need is a flexible, affordable solution that enables them to foster genuine connections with candidates.

Oomple Copilot is your budget-friendly answer, going beyond mere emails or LinkedIn messages, and providing accessible nurturing capabilities to build authentic relationships.

60k+ Professionals
8+ Hours Saved onweekly outreach
10+ Hours Saved on weekly communication
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“Oomple's innovative platform has a more positive and beneficial approach to both consultants and agencies. They've always been committed to understanding our business priorities. We're able to really leverage the platform to meet our complex placement needs.”

Micheal GiguereSenior Director — Maxsys Staffing & Consulting

Stay ahead by building proactive relationships & talent pipelines.

Craft uniquely personalized candidate journeys at every stage with Oomple Copilot.
“Oomple's innovative platform has a more positive and beneficial approach to both consultants and agencies. We're able to really leverage the platform to meet our complex hiring needs.”
Michael GiguereSenior Director — MaxSys