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Kaili AndersonSep 1, 20214 min read

Tips On Alleviating Risk While Hiring On-Demand

Hiring on-demand professionals has become an excellent way to grow your team and scale your business. Although there are tremendous benefits, some companies still believe there’s risk associated with hiring on-demand talent vs traditional full-time employees. 

Well, we’re here to debunk some of those ancient tales and myths! Yes, we could go into all of the perks of hiring an on-demand professional, but let’s start with addressing the perceived risks and help you feel confident about hiring consultants. 

After interviewing several HR Professionals, Oomple has narrowed it down to 5 key areas where you can avoid risk when hiring a professional on contract for your project.


Avoiding High Costs of FTE 

The first main concern HR thinks of is the cost of hiring a professional on contract vs the cost of hiring a FTE (full-time employee). Freelance professionals' wages are usually similar, or even higher (due to specialization and experience), than a full-time employee. So, this potentially higher wage of a consultant could be seen as a risk to HR. However, when you consider the actual costs of long-term employment, they tend to be much higher. When hiring an on-demand professional, long-term employment costs are eliminated, such as benefits, inclusion to payroll, and even additional office space - saving your company a lot of money. 

Tip: Make a comparative analysis of overhead costs and long-term employment costs in light of the skills specialization you require for your project! 



“It comes down to budget, time and the project” - Michael DesLauriers, Human Resources Business Partner, People Services and Organizational Development


Grasping Stability and Retention 

Another common remark made among HR Professionals is the risk involving the lack of retention when hiring on-demand. Turnover seems to be higher due to professionals being on contracts that usually last between 6 months to a year. So now what? What can HR and third-party platforms do to alleviate this? It’s pretty straightforward; they should be helping candidates understand what the role truly entails. Alright, that may seem TOO straightforward, let us elaborate…

Treat your on-demand professionals as though they are as much an integral part of the team as anyone else by involving them in team/company communications and events. Just because a hired professional isn’t a full-time employee, doesn’t mean they want to be treated like they are peripheral. Thank them for their hard work, include them in team activities, and show your appreciation! Just like full-time employees, culture and respect go a long way when it comes to renewing contracts and word-of-mouth.


Have Transparent Communication 

Now onto the big-ticket item – Communication. There’s always going to be risk present in any situation with a lack of communication. Things can go sour in a few ways here, whether it’s lack of communication with Management, the on-demand professional, or a hiring platform. It’s crucial not to leave people in the dark. There can be miscommunication regarding pay, start date, contract details, etc. Are you stressed? Because I’m stressed!

Here’s how to alleviate the communication pain point: Have a process in place to ensure that guidelines are followed internally and externally. Ensuring they [third-party platforms] understand the growing pains the company is going through. Patience is always appreciated! 


Avoid Picking Someone Who "Can Do It All” 

Don’t get too carried away with the term “can do it all”, as mesmerizing as it may sound. Professionals who haven’t chosen a specific set of skills to hone in on and who say they’re an expert in every specialization in a field aren’t as perfect as it may seem. They might be knowledgeable of many tools/skills, but you want to focus your attention on experts in those tools/skills.

You want to choose an on-demand professional who’s grasped their professional superpower and who has spent a great deal of time refining their skills. With their specialized skill set, they can better help you and your team on your project. By hiring the right expert, you’ll avoid putting your project on pause to seek other candidates.  So steer clear of hiring a professional who claims they know more than they do! 


Silver Lining: The Safety Net 

Awareness is one thing, but now it’s time to execute. You now know how to avoid taking risks when hiring your on-demand professional; now, it’s time to find the right platform for you! Oomple ensures you’re getting vetted and background-checked candidates perfect for your project. You don’t pay until you’ve hired a professional, you have a 14-day trial with your freelancer, and a support team to help you around the clock.


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