HR Tips: How to Effectively Use On-Demand Professionals to Support Your Team

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On-demand professionals are becoming more and more common in today’s business world, as they offer businesses worldwide the benefit of reduced overhead costs, instant access to specialized skills and accelerated results due to their expertise.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t take full advantage of on-demand professionals despite being the future of work. Here are some pros and tips on using on-demand professionals effectively to support your team and integrate them seamlessly into your culture. 



Pros of Hiring On-demand Professionals

On-demand professionals are a great way to support your project needs. We agree that companies will always require a full-time employee base but you can support your business’ ebbs and flows or special needs with on-demand talent. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider them:

  1. On-demand professionals cost you less than employees when you factor in training, taxes and overhead costs. They are specialists in a specific area and can be a great way to fill in your talent gaps, especially when it comes to outsourcing!
  2. Studies show that on-demand professionals tend to be more dedicated, productive, and specialized in their skills than full-time employees. This is due to the fact they’re brought on for a specific project for a specific amount of time — clear expectations and focus allow for quicker results their reputation depends on project completion and success.
  3. On-demand professionals tend to update their skills training more than most full-time employees. Ensuring they’re up to date with the latest workplace technology, communication, collaboration, and project management tools. All of which can make your project smoother! 
  4. Staffing on-demand talent is easier than you might think since most on-demand professionals already have experience with important projects at top companies. So, if you need something done in your business but don’t know where to start or how to do it yourself, you can search different hiring platforms for the talent that matches your project needs rather than going down the staffing agency route. Curious to hear more about the dated agency model and why companies and freelancers are keen on hiring platforms? Click below for our (free) resource: 


Access Here


Tips for Finding Quality Talent

If you’re hiring an on-demand professional to work on a project, keep in mind a few things to get the best possible value (for both parties!). Here are some tips: 

  • If your work requires more than one person, hire multiple professionals for your project or consider extending your contract length.
  • Interview your candidate in detail before you hire them for your project to get a better idea of their personality and how they will bring value-add to their work. 
  • Ask questions about their previous on-demand experience and how they work. Without proper communication between a freelancer and the company, project expectations may not be clear and project completion could become problematic. 



How to Use On-demand Professionals Effectively

Here are some ideas on how to make sure your company gets the most out of its on-demand talent:


Set clear goals

On-demand professionals need to clearly understand what their role is within your team so they can integrate seamlessly.

Before hiring any on-demand professional, make sure they’re well aware of what you want them to accomplish. Then, work with them closely throughout their engagement and make sure they’re hitting your metrics. 

Be sure to ask yourself how they measure up against that at every step along the way. Their goal is to help you accomplish your business needs and are performance-driven. 


Invest in the right on-demand professionals 

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your on-demand professionals - many companies don’t know how to leverage them effectively. 

Depending on your project needs, a gig marketplace like Upwork or Toptal might not fill your talent gaps, while their rates can be very low, they aren’t always equipped to get your project done. So it's usually better in terms of cost and quality of work if you take time to find skilled people and pay them properly — better results and cuts ramp-up time. Look for platforms like Oomple which can give you access to highly skilled and vetted candidates while still saving in comparison to staffing agencies. 



Integrate them into your culture

Freelancers, contract workers, and on-demand talent - whatever you call them - also want to work in a culture-aligned environment. They aren’t employees and that’s not a bad thing nor does it mean you can’t select a freelancer who compliments your culture.

Leverage their knowledge, remember they’re your partner in helping your project — treat them like one. The best on-demand professionals will gladly work as partners with you and your team. Seeing them as employees is a big mistake. They’re willing to go above and beyond if they know you see them as a partner in the growth of your business. They are driven to accomplish, improve, advise and solve your problems after all this is what they’re reviewed upon and will affect their future contracts — so they are results-driven.


Communicate effectively

Good communication is vital for a successful relationship with an on-demand professional. Whenever you’re working with remote workers, make sure you are very clear about your expectations and project goals. 

Making on-demand professionals feel part of your team is also essential. So, talk to them frequently and be open to feedback. When things don’t go according to plan, use it as an opportunity to brainstorm ways forward together. If possible, try arranging meetings in person and remotely; it can help create trust and foster teamwork over time.



Work with them, not against them

Most on-demand professionals are ready, willing, and able to help you. But it takes time for them to work their way through your request. So to avoid frustration and keep yourself productive, be patient and give them a chance to do their job right. They’re experts in their field.

Once they’ve received your instructions and are busy doing what you asked, they’ll send you an update you can also request specific touchpoints or updates throughout the project and they will happily keep you looped in until project completion. 


Get advice from other companies

If you’re struggling with an issue, don’t be afraid to ask other companies for advice. If they offer a product or service in your space and have been operating longer than you have, they may have already dealt with a similar situation and can provide you with advice on how they handled it. 

Though the demand for temporary workers has increased in recent years, a small percentage of companies are familiar with how to effectively use on-demand professionals as part of their workforce. Be sure to ask them how they’ve maximized results using them. 


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