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GuestMay 30, 20224 min read

What to Look For in Your Next Web Developer Hire

The demand for business websites and online platforms is continuously growing. With this demand comes a need to hire more web developers to build engaging websites that can sustain the interest of users. There are many good web developers available for hire, but how do you know what to look for? To help you decide, here is a list of the essential qualifications you need to look for when selecting a web developer.


Why Do I Need A Web Developer?

Web developers are among the most in-demand jobs today, as many businesses are building their websites to expand their market reach. Websites are directly linked to boosting business revenue, generating leads, connecting with more customers, and building the overall brand reputation. 

The future of work is in the digital world. 

More businesses are hiring remote workers to do skilled work that was only previously done in a physical office. There is now a pressing need for businesses to hire top tech professionals to remain competitive in their industry.


Skills To Look For

One of the most important qualifications of a web developer is their skillset. The skillset of your developer must match the projects that you intend to build. Generally, a good web developer must be well-versed in the different programming and script languages. You would want to hire a developer who knows how to build, debug, and troubleshoot websites.



Web developers must have a good grasp of the use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Backend development skills are also important – the developer must also know how to use programming languages like Python and PHP. They must be knowledgeable in web hosting and optimization. Bonus skills that you can look for in a web developer include web design and SEO optimization!


Qualities To Look For

The best web developers have the technical skills and several important qualities that will separate them from the sea of developers. Here are some of the essential qualities that a web developer must possess.


Attention to Detail

Web developers must have keen attention to detail. In building websites, an error in the code can cause the whole website to crash. Paying attention to even the smallest of details will help the web developer build a website with optimal performance.


Communication Skills

Communication is a key qualification that web developers must possess. Even if each web developer will work on a single project, it is important to know how to communicate with a team. In most cases, web developers will work with fellow developers to build the best website possible. They must know how to communicate and work together to ensure seamless collaboration.



Passion for Web Development

When hiring new developers, passion and curiosity for web development is an often-overlooked qualification. Web development is an ever-changing field, and new trends and innovations need to be adapted to remain competitive. The best web developers have a passion for learning. As their skills grow with the innovations, they will also help the company flourish.


How To Hire The Best Web Developer

Screening each applicant based on your company’s values will help you find the best candidate to fill the role. You should also consider whether you should hire an in-house developer or a remote freelancer. This is one of the important considerations as it will directly affect the work done. 



Hiring In-house Web Developers

With in-house web developers, you will have the advantage of working directly with the person. Communication is easier because you can immediately orient the developer on your expectations for the role.


Hiring Remote Developers

Remote freelancers cost less to hire. Developers on contract are usually hired on a per-project basis. So, the question is – how can you attract remote talents that will get the job done efficiently?

Working remotely is very different than working in an office. As you will not be able to communicate with the developer at any time that you want, setting fixed schedules for milestone check-ups is important. You would also want to instill in the developer a sense of responsibility in terms of reporting on the progress of the project.

Each company has different requirements for remote developers. Some companies want these developers to work on a fixed schedule, just like in a regular office. Other companies allow developers to work on their own time and meet the set deadlines. This part is entirely up to you!



Finding the best web developers to fit your business objectives can be challenging, but the search is worthwhile. Web developers should be adept at building both the front and back end of the website. More importantly - hiring web developers should be able to translate your business’ vision into a website. You can find top skilled web developers on global marketplaces such as Oomple. No up-front risk, no extra costs, and you get to build up your team within 48 hours. Seriously. It's that easy.


✍️ Written by: Chatty Garrate 


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