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Kaili AndersonJun 8, 20224 min read

Meet the Newest Oompler, Yuliya!

The Oomple fam is thrilled to have another team member join! Yuliya has joined our Success Team and we can’t wait to share her journey with you. 

She’s hopping on the Oomple train bringing nearly 4 years of experience in recruitment. Her experience ranges from working at an employment agency with a very fast-paced work environment, doing payroll and AR, all the way to empowering people to find the right opportunities! She’s all about the full-cycle recruitment process, offering structure yet some room for creativity (that’s what we’re talking about!). 



We’d like to introduce you to our newest onboard-y, so let’s hop in and check out what she has to say👇


What motivated you to join Oomple?

“I’d say, there were two major factors which played a sufficient role in my decision to join Oomple. The first one was the company’s innovative approach to recruitment. I believe that working not harder, but smarter increases efficiency, and helps to get the result in a shorter period of time with fewer resources needed. Oomple simplifies old approaches and makes them more convenient for everyone.”


Sneak peek at how companies are innovating their hiring practices and why professionals are looking for a modernized way of finding work below.

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“The second factor was people. A company’s culture plays a very important role for me. Knowing that I get a chance to work with such open-minded, welcoming and friendly professionals makes me so happy and motivates me a lot. We spend most of our day at work and I believe it’s very important to be surrounded by those who share similar values and goals, and who respect and uplift each other.” 


What drew you to work in recruitment?

“There are quite many reasons why I enjoy working in recruitment. One of them is knowing that I make a positive impact on people’s lives. I sincerely enjoy the process as well as get very excited for those candidates who get the offer. I feel that what I do is important and makes a difference.” 



If you could snap your fingers and become an expert in something, what would it be?

“I would like to enhance my public speaking and communication skills! This would help me communicate my ideas and thoughts in a more efficient way and benefit both myself and other people around me.”


Give us your most memorable travel story!

“There was one country which was at the top of my “Must visit” list. This gorgeous country was… Iceland! I dreamed to visit it for about 3 years. Back in 2019, we finally made a decision to go there. To say that our expectations were met is to say nothing. 

We enjoyed long daylight, gorgeous sunsets, delicious food at local restaurants, authentic hotels, astonishing views, and impressive weather changes. We walked through a thick fog, crossed several rivers by car without knowing if we were going to make it, experienced stormy weather, almost washed into the ocean at high tide, went to the ocean to see whales, saw drifting icebergs, and enjoyed the beauty of canyons and waterfalls, watched thousands of puffins, and so much more.

I love taking pictures because it helps to preserve the moment so you can live it over and over again. As a result of our trip, I had over five thousand images taken within 10 days. I sincerely hope we have a chance to visit this gorgeous country again!”

Those in favour of a workation in Iceland, say ‘aye’!


What’s your most embarrassing moment? We won’t laugh… But we make no promises😳

“Not a long time ago, I wrote a very emotional and personal text to my friend, and accidentally sent it to a chat that has over 100 people. I noticed that I sent it to the group the moment I sent it. Gladly there was an option to unsent the message, but I was literally shaking and my heart was racing for an hour. Felt extremely embarrassed haha.”


What’s something most people don’t know about you? 

“I have been passionate about photography for over 10 years, and almost a year ago I decided to start taking clients so I can share my passion with others. One thing that only a few people know about me, is that I love everything about natural birth. I sincerely believe that labour and delivery are so incredibly special in one’s life that one day, I’d love to become a part-time birth photographer. This way I can help to preserve one of the most important periods/moments in the family’s life!”


What quote do you live by? 

“If you can’t change circumstances, change your perspective.”


We hope you enjoyed learning more about our newest Oomple member as much as we are getting to know her! Looking for your next contract or would like to discuss all things on-demand? Connect with Yuliya here!

Until next time👋


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