Freelancers: 7 Ways to Market Yourself and Obtain Top Roles

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How do you make sure you stand out in a growing freelance workforce and economy?

There are companies out there that need your skills! But they need to A) know you exist and B) need to understand how you can help them.

The pandemic changed the future of work, and more than 58% of people are considering switching to freelance in the future! If you've been doing freelance work for a while, you may have also noticed your competition is increasing.

So, now more than ever, you need to sell yourself. But where to begin?

Follow these 7 tips to effectively market yourself as a freelance professional to land opportunities. 

1. Work On Your Unique Value Proposition

Flourishing as an independent worker can lie within nailing your UVP (unique value proposition). Your UVP is a quick elevator pitch to explain your specialization and how that makes you an asset to a new team. It'll showcase what you bring to the table and why they need your skills or services over someone else's. A top-notch pitch is focused, concise and honest. 

If you are communicating your UVP directly to a company, you'll also want to ensure you do a little research first to grasp what they are trying to achieve. That way, you can position yourself (and your UVP) as providing the solution. Know thy audience so that you know how to convey your UVP so that it appeals to them and that you understand their needs. 

And remember: You don't have to be an expert in everything to sell yourself - you just have to hone in on your skills and strengths and be clearly explain how that will bring value to a company! 


2. Understand The Market

The workforce and the contract market are in constant evolution. So, it's essential to keep an eye on it to know how to position yourself within the market and current needs.

For example: If you're a back-end developer specializing in programming C++, but you see an increased need for Ruby developers, maybe consider taking a quick course to elevate your resume.

However, many freelance professionals find that positioning themselves in the market sometimes poses some challenges since, well, where can you see all this?! Our Oomple marketplace has set itself apart by providing our community of professionals with direct access and visibility to the market. With this transparency, the contingent workforce can see the current job postings to understand what's most in-demand. You can also see other professionals in the job market to discover how to set yourself apart. Visibility of the market gives you a leg up when positioning yourself within it.


3. Optimize Your Social Media & Profiles

Chances are, you have social media profiles. But are you doing enough to make sure they're attracting new clients? Start with the basics, like optimizing your LinkedIn experience. Fill out the summary page with SEO-optimized keywords in your industry niche.

As a professional on Oomple, you'll also have your custom, personalized profile. It's essentially a better way to showcase (and sell) yourself. You have full control of your consultant brand here, so optimize it to stand out by adding an enticing description, completing your personas and experience and adding a profile image! Optimizing your profile allows you to show companies why they should work with you. 


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4. Become A Subject Matter Expert

While we're on the topic, social media can be a great way to demonstrate your expertise.You'll become recognized as an expert in that field by being more active and engaging around topics related to your skillset on social media.  Set yourself as a leader in the industry by creating some killer content within your industry, commenting or reposting articles and starting conversations around topics that showcase your knowledge in your profession.

Consider also teaching an online course or joining webinars in your field. Mentoring others can also help you stay sharp on your skills and position yourself as an authority in what you do. Being recognized  as a subject matter expert in your niche opens your up to more potential clients through credibility. 


5. Grow Your Network

Word of mouth is still a thing. Positioning yourself in the market is sometimes about knowing the right people that can open doors to new opportunities. A recent study showed that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking. 

Different ways to network include attending local events, building new connections through social media, Linkedin or Oomple, engaging in social media posts and conversations and going to trade/tech conferences. Employers are more comfortable hiring within their network since they feel a higher sense of trust. 




6. Join Online Platforms

71% of consultants and freelance professionals say they've found more work in the past few years thanks to online platforms. These websites help bridge the gap between you and your next contract. Employers flock to these websites to hire talent and bridge skill gaps at their companies. For best results, you'll want to highlight your relevant skills and projects on the platform. Use relevant keywords to allow employers to easily find you in the search function of the platform of your choice. Oomple is the top online marketplace that connects on-demand professionals with employers and provides you with all the tools you need to sell yourself and find contracts.

7. Get Referrals

When you've done a killer job for a client, they'll be happy to give you a five-star review. It's a great idea to leverage referrals from satisfied customers who can attest to your abilities.Referrals provide proof to new employers that you can get results done, and this puts you in a better position to get hired. At Oomple, our 2-way reviews allow you to display your company reviews (i.e. referrals) directly on your profile which advertises how competent you are to others.