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GuestOct 4, 20224 min read

6 Ways to Increase Your Success Rate in Hiring On-Demand Workers

Employees are the backbone of every organization - they’re the most valuable assets that help the company reach its goals. As such, it’s only logical to improve your recruitment efforts to find the best of the best among candidates. 

This itself can be taxing. However, it’s an inevitable part of running any business. To lighten the load, check out some tips to increase your success rate in hiring on-demand workers to support your team. 


Increase Your Success Rate in Hiring On-Demand Workers


1. Set Clear Project Descriptions Early On

If you’re eager to acquire on-demand talent in your company, you should begin by setting clear job descriptions. Rather than including unnecessary details, provide a clear overview of the job. Scratch out secondary responsibilities and opt to be as accurate as possible. Doing so will increase the range and standard of your applicant pool. 

For reference, statistics show that a whopping 85% of applicants lie on their resumes. This may be due to the unrealistic job expectations provided during the recruitment process. To avoid this, aim for a description that only mentions the primary must-haves and non-negotiables you’re looking for. Remember, you’re looking for the hard and soft skills necessary to fill a skill gap in your organization. 


Increase Your Success Rate in Hiring On-Demand Workers


2. Refine Your Employer Brand

To further increase the success rate when hiring on-demand workers, focus on refining your employer branding. This is one of the leading recruitment trends proven to attract top-notch employees. In fact, 80% of workforce leaders concurred that strong employer branding affects their ability to hire great on-demand talent.

There are various ways to strengthen your brand image, including treating your on-demand professionals with benefits. Don’t forget to show appreciation for your team and freelancers by providing reward benefits for their performance. Simply put, reflect on the reasons why potential workers would want to be contracted to your company. This will help you craft and image your brand image to make it more attractive to high-quality talents.


Increase Your Success Rate in Hiring On-Demand Workers


3. Boost Candidate Sourcing Strategies

Similar to how applicants find competition in every job post, companies also contend with getting the best talents on their payroll. If you want to have a leg up when hiring on-demand workers, aim to boost candidate sourcing strategies.  

Rather than limiting yourself to traditional sourcing strategies, open your doors to fresh techniques to obtain great on-demand hires. Don’t miss out on making connections with plausible candidates simply because you didn’t think outside the box. For instance, the Gallup State of American Workplace Report (2017) stated that a whopping 58% of job seekers can be found on online job sites, while 47% are on LinkedIn. Scrolling through these platforms can help you find the best fit for your teams. 


Increase Your Success Rate in Hiring On-Demand Workers


4. Fully Integrate Potential Workers Into the Team 

Once you’ve found ideal on-demand professionals with the right skill set, you should ensure that they feel right at home in your company. Integrate them fully into your team and treat them as you would any other employee, even when they’re still on a probationary period. This is an important step in the process as it greatly determines whether the candidate is the perfect fit for the project. 

Consider it as a trial before you formally hand out official contractual documents. It’s a great way to get them acquainted with the day-to-day happenings of their job in real time and manage their expectations. You also get to witness how well they jive with potential team members and also familiarize them with workplace technology.


Increase Your Success Rate in Hiring On-Demand Workers


5. Build a More Efficient Recruitment Process

More and more companies are leaving behind the traditional staffing process to better adapt to the future of work. Instead of delaying contact with a potential candidate, they opt to respond instantly so long as the profile matches what they’re looking for. If you’re aiming to increase the success rate in employing on-demand workers, develop a more efficient recruitment process. 

Doing so will help you reduce cost-per-hire and avoid missing out on the ideal candidate for the job. In a 2016 survey, 56% of recruiters claim that it’s difficult to make good on-demand hires due to lengthy hiring procedures. As such, it’s best to value applicants’ time so they won’t lose interest in the company. In addition, this will also prevent other organizations from bagging their talents. 


Increase Your Success Rate in Hiring On-Demand Workers


6. Get the Help of a Reliable Hiring Platform

If you’re in need of a worker for a certain project, consider freelancing websites. It’s an effective way to address gaps in your company while scaling projects. Aside from this, hiring project-based employees will lessen the burden on your finances. You only need to pay them for their consultant work, unlike full-fledged employees on a consistent payroll. 

Take Oomple, for example. It’s a professional marketplace capable of overseeing your on-demand recruitment process. You can easily create a request that matches your organizational needs, and the platform can even facilitate contracts and payments, which minimizes risk for both parties.

Curious about other services Oomple can provide? Book a call and connect with on-demand professionals armed with the right talents and skills for your needs. 

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✍️ Written by: Chatty Garrate 


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