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GuestJul 20, 20226 min read

Why Your Company Needs to Invest More in Marketing Talent

Marketing is no walk in the park. But it’s often misunderstood. Professionals outside of the field may wonder what service a digital marketer provides. Today’s marketers may be adept with technology, but they aren’t just professional tweeters. They’re content creators, search engine wizards, cross-departmental communicators, and analytics masters. So does your company have enough of them?

In this evolving digital world, it pays off to invest in professional marketers. Marketing is a full-time gig with a major financial payoff. Chances are you have a sales team, and research shows that aligning your sales team with a strong marketing team leads to 38% higher sales wins.


aligning sales and marketing can lead to 38% higher sales wins


Why Marketing Matters 

Ready to generate leads and more revenue with marketing talent? Read more about the value of marketing and how you can create a robust team of marketing professionals.

If you’re not much of a marketer yourself, it can be confusing to know what your marketing employees do all day. It’s easy to assume that marketing is simply creating flashy graphics and posting them on social media. But it’s much more than that. 


social media management


Digital marketing is all about linking your brand across channels for a more seamless customer experience. Considering that 86% of customers say they’ll pay more for a better customer experience, companies can’t afford not to have a digital marketing strategy!

Your competitors know the importance of marketing. 63% of businesses increased their digital marketing budgets in the past year. If you haven’t created a digital marketing team yet, you can bet your competitors already have a strategy that works for them.


marketing analytics


Create a Marketing Dream Team

When you first started your business, you may have hired some full-stack marketers. Full-stack marketers are marketers with many talents. They may do email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing for your company. While their entrepreneurial spirit is admiral, it’s a ton of work for one person. It’s also likely that they feel they’re lacking in a particular marketing skill. Some marketers may feel confident in their content marketing skills, but lack knowledge about e-commerce.

It's a much better business plan to rely on highly trained specialists. Professional marketers are trained to handle distinct marketing functions. Your marketing department will function at a much higher frequency when using professionals who specialize in a particular skill. You’ll want to start with at least a few individuals in the following departments:


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – if you have a Twitter account and enjoy clever one-liners from brands, you’re already somewhat familiar with social media marketing. Social media marketers post content on the company’s main social media channels. They also interact with commenters and gauge performance based on analytics. By employing social listening techniques, a good social media marketer will help build your brand.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is a big marketing buzzword, but it generates massive results. SEO professionals carefully curate content and your website, so your company can easily be found on search engines. These professionals increase your website’s web traffic and visibility. Through careful keyword research, SEO professionals determine what your customers are searching for. Then, they work on getting your website to rank for these keywords in search engines. Good SEO is essential for brand awareness building.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing – Type a few words into Google, and the first results you’ll see are sponsored results. These highly visible ads are due to the work of search engine marketers. Like SEO, SEM professionals perform keyword research to see what search terms your customers are looking for. They may work with copywriters to write engaging ad copy that generates leads through clicks to your landing page. Sponsored ads on search engines like Google are a great investment, as you only pay when a person clicks on the ad.

E-Commerce Specialists

E-Commerce Specialists – If your business sells products, you need a robust team of e-commerce specialists. E-commerce marketing professionals sell products through an online store. Using tactics like search engine marketing and SEO, your products will become top of mind when searchers weigh their options. They’ll also employ tactics like display advertising to continue remarketing products to interested customers.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing – If you have an email address, you likely have an idea of what email marketing looks like. But did you know that email collection forms have the highest conversion rate of all marketing efforts at 15%? Email marketers write engaging copy that shows up where people look every day: their inbox. Email marketing also allows you to schedule and personalize emails to keep customers loyal to your brand.


Content Creation/Copywriting

Content Creation/Copywriting – When you see an entertaining TikTok or hilarious tweet, there’s likely a content creator behind that. Content creators create rich and engaging visual content for your brand through mediums like video. Copywriters perform a similar function but will write your story through prose with ads, white papers, or landing pages. Above all else, content creators and copywriters are skilled in storytelling, making the “sell” for your company easier.


Benefits of a Well-Oiled Marketing Team

On the surface, a healthy marketing team seems like quite a few employees. But a comprehensive marketing team pays off. These specialists work together to create a seamless digital experience for your business. Consider the following benefits of creating a powerful team of marketing professionals for your company.


Benefits of a Well-Oiled Marketing Team


  • Increased Presence with Customers

Customers turn to search engines like Google when they’re looking for answers to their problems. While 29% of customers are willing to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product, a whopping 62% of people prefer to use a search engine. Your SEO efforts and paid ads make customers instantly aware of your company as a solution.


  • Better Return on ROI

If you’ve done some marketing yourself, you may have seen a nice jump with offline efforts like direct mail. But a strong digital marketing team can target your audience and nurture leads more effectively than offline digital marketing. 76% of retailers say digital marketing across channels has a better ROI than print advertising alone for this business. That’s because these digital channels work together to guide customers through the awareness, consideration, and conversion stages. 


  • Scale and Test Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The beauty of digital marketing is instant access to its performance. This is thanks to platforms like Google Analytics. You don’t have to wonder if your marketing efforts are resonating with your target audience. Your team will carefully monitor traffic, conversions, and much more using analytics.  

Marketers employ tactics like A/B testing to make small changes that improve conversions. Whether it’s crafting a more compelling call to action or tweaking the images on a landing page, analytics help inform your marketing team as to what works and what doesn’t.

Oomple's marketing roles available


  • Use Oomple to Connect with Seasoned Marketers

From SEO specialists to content marketing gurus, there are endless marketing specialists out there. If you’re lacking the specialists you need to grow your business, allow Oomple to help you complete your marketing puzzle. 

Oomple will connect your team with vetted on-demand professionals in anything from PPC advertising to copywriting. The on-demand hiring platform uses data matching software to ensure you’re finding only the best specialists for your team.

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