5 Steps to Grow Your Business Sales

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Keen to start your new year with a bang? Here are 5 simple steps to nail your business sales in the new year.

1. Get clear on the problem you are solving for your customer.

Your job as a business owner is to understand the pain points of your customer. What are their problems, priorities, and needs? Just like in everyday life, problems or pain in our life/business is often where the desire for change/searching for a solution comes from. If you can clearly identify the problems that your customers are experiencing and showcase the valuable solution that you have to offer them that will genuinely help their business, your sales will be a walk in the park.

We asked Oomple's Account Executive, Sarah Powers on what do you do to understand the customers pain-points?

“ For me, it largely derived from open conversations with our clients. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their business, show genuine interest in learning about their day-to-day, their company goals, what’s working, what’s not working? How can we best address challenges they’re facing? The key is to really focus on creating a space for honest feedback, resulting in actionable next steps.

Remember to understand their world before you start pitching yours!

I always ask questions first and use that information to provide them with a customized solution specific to their needs. ”

2. Keep your online presence fresh.

Having a strong digital presence is a powerful tool for generating sales in your business. Right now there is likely to be someone reading your Oomple profile, LinkedIn blog posts, reviewing your website, stalking your social media (cough deep Instagram creep) or talking about you to someone they know. More often than not, customers are making up their mind about you and your business long before they engage with you via email or purchase anything from you. Make sure your online presence is on point so when they do come stalking your channels you leave a good first impression that will make them come back for more.

We asked the Community Manager at Oomple, Kristen Seaton to provide some quick tips on online marketing.

  • “Go through your website and clean up your copy – make it clear, inspiring and easy to read
  • Make sure the customer experience of getting to the checkout on your website is easy to navigate and smooth
  • Do you have contact details in your social media bios?
  • Is your profile easy to search?
  • Are you active on social media? (repost, like, comment = engage?)
  • Do you reply to comments and DM’s on social media?
  • Do you direct traffic to your website frequently?
  • Do you have free blogs and content for your customer to enjoy in their own time?”

3. Consistently show up.

Consistency is key when it comes to being successful. For me, I am also inspired by professional athletes, entrepreneurs or consultants who have a specific goal in mind. You have to show up, consistently with a strong mindset, physical and mental health and move in the direction you want to go. Don’t for a second think it’s ok to launch a business, throw together a website and post here and there on social media and that will be enough to generate the successful business of your dreams. If you want it bad enough, you will dedicate time every single day to learning, growing and investing in yourself and your consulting business. Show up, consistently.     

4. Go out into the community and post about it.

In my experience, being involved and joining other like-minded communities is the next big thing. My advice, do some market research, engage with people feel would bring value to you and to your business. Plan a meetup on a mutual topic, give back to charity with other business, or even use social media platforms and be involved (like, share, repost – you name it). This helps expose your brand story, showcase your business growth. It also shows that you are trustworthy, real and authentic, people are craving that.

5. Leverage email marketing.

Email marketing is a way in which you can maintain a relationship with your customer and keep them as ‘warm leads’ until they are ready to move forward with your business. The reality is that your customer won’t always see your social media posts so being able to pop up into their inbox on a regular basis is a smart way to stay in touch.

We asked Oomple's Talent Acquisition Specialist, Melissa Scott to provide an Oomple hack on how to leverage email marketing.

“Build yourself an email template that showcases value (not just what you have for sale) and makes it your New Year’s resolution to send it out regularly. Watch what a difference that it makes to your number of won business and client relationships.”