5 Ways to Master and Measure Your Brand Awareness

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Brand awareness reflects your target audience's familiarity with and recognition of your brand. It is an effective marketing tactic that encourages customers to develop an intuitive preference for your brand and products.


Most marketing techniques focus on making a brand recognizable and memorable since it is a key factor in building brand trust and, eventually, generating sales. 


The higher the brand awareness, the higher the brand trust, and the higher sales.


Importance of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is vital since it is the first stage in the marketing funnel—and a crucial foundation for acquiring customers. It helps keep your brand at the forefront of your current and target audiences' minds. When consumers recognize and know more about your brand, they develop a sense of familiarity and trust, and when presented with the option of buying from you versus a competitor, they are more inclined to choose you.


Moreover, brand awareness helps you achieve many of your business objectives and goals, including growing your audience, increasing website traffic, developing brand equity, improving customer loyalty, nurturing leads, and boosting sales.



Measuring Brand Awareness

Now that we've discussed why brand awareness is so essential, let's look at how we can evaluate brand recognition and recall to help grow and scale your business. Here are five effective strategies to measure brand awareness.


1. Conduct surveys to gauge brand awareness

Surveys are simple yet effective methods for gathering information about your brand. Create successful brand awareness surveys to gather input on whether your target customers recognize your brand and can identify it with relevant products or services. These surveys allow you to do a complete study of how customers perceive your brand and how you may optimize brand positioning among target demographics.


Send out surveys to your target groups to discover more about consumer perceptions, brand recognition, and advertising success. Make sure your survey questions cover all essential aspects and include quantifiable data to determine how frequently customers have seen or recalled your brand over time.



2. Monitor sentiments through social media listening

When it comes to assessing brand awareness, social media is one of the most valuable sources of data. You may listen in on online discussions about your brand on social media and learn what people have to say about it.


Many social listening tools, such as Google Alerts, BrandMentions, and Sprout Social, can help you sift through the vast volumes of data on social media, automatically tracking and reporting mentions of your brand or anything related to it.


3. Analyze search volume using Google Analytics

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a web page's ranking in search engines like Google. It's also one of the most effective methods to track and build brand awareness.


Connecting your website with Google Search Console can help you discover how brand recognition and SEO are related. Google Search Console makes use of Google Analytics to measure clicks, impressions, page views, and the position of your website in search engines. All this information provides you with a comprehensive picture of your brand's visibility—at least on Google.


4. Track mentions using Google Trends

While we're talking about Google, you can also measure brand awareness with Google Trends, a very useful data exploration tool. It searches the internet for mentions of your brand, allowing you to see if they are rising or falling over time. You may also use this data to compare your brand’s performance against your competitors.



5. Dig into referral traffic

The number of visitors that discover and visit your website from external websites is called referral traffic. When assessing your brand awareness initiatives, it's important to also keep track of referral links. Having other brands willing to share your name with their followers and site visitors can help grow your brand awareness.


A Measure of Success

Measuring brand awareness is critical to understanding the market perception and determining the popularity of your brand. If you need assistance evaluating the success of your brand awareness campaigns, sign up on Oomple and hire a skilled Brand Marketing Specialist to help cement your brand's identity, attract new customers, and increase your revenue.


✍️ Written by: Chatty Garrate