5 Ways To Promote Your Remote Workplace Culture

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The most successful workplaces are built upon great culture and excellent people. But to climb the success ladder, it takes effective strategies to cultivate a people-centric culture and hire the best talent.

Today, hiring top candidates can be challenging. Many are quitting their workplaces due to poor culture, leaving their nine-to-five jobs for flexible freelance work, and are evaluative in terms of workplace selection. 75% of job seekers are likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages its brand. Knowing this, employers should be tactical in humanizing their brand and promoting their culture.


Promoting Work Culture to Attract Top Talents: Best Practices

Culture promotion is one of the most effective recruitment strategies to pique the best candidates’ interest in a company. To help you with this, we’ve listed down tried-and-tested ways to promote your remote workplace culture. Let’s dive right in!


  1. Give Your Employees A Voice

Top candidates seek to learn more about the culture of a company’s employees. What better way to do this than to hear from your employees? They’re also brand ambassadors who can authentically speak about your company.

You can do this by celebrating your employees’ feats publicly, allowing your employees to write thought leadership blog posts, doing an Instagram takeover where they showcase stories like “A Day in the Life of (their position)”, and publishing a video series on YouTube and Facebook where your employees share what they love the most about your company. Involving them in content creation will allow your company to make a good first impression and improve employee experience despite the distance.


  1. Perk Up Your Careers Page

According to Global Talent Trends' research, 59% of candidates look up the company's website to know its culture and values. Knowing this, you must make top candidates feel that your company is the best fit for their expertise and career advancement.

You can start highlighting how your company is offering the right benefits, giving candidates a realistic picture of what it would be like to work with your company, creating employee spotlights where you share their testimonials about working in your company, and showing them how you value diversity and inclusivity by focusing on culture add and not only culture fit.


  1. Walk People Through Your Company’s "Fun Days"

Promote your company culture by also featuring your “fun days.” Show how you break Monday to Friday blues on social media by uploading photos of your celebrations—digital hangouts, game nights, seasonal parties, refreshing escapades, among others. You can also try getting candidates involved in your office activities for them to have a good sense of the team dynamics.


  1. Embed Your Culture Into Your Recruitment Process

Every step of your recruitment process must be aligned with your company culture. This way, the ideal candidate will have a clear idea of who they will be working for and what to expect as they progress with their application.

Build your culture in the recruitment process by:

  • Delivering a great candidate experience by showing up on time, discussing rates and pay, promptly providing updates, and sending appreciation messages
  • Incorporating a “coffee interview” involving informally catching up with a potential employee for an interview over coffee.


  1. Harness Social Media To Engage Your Audience

To be a top-of-mind workplace for candidates, start using social media to provide them with a window to your day-to-day activities. Create content like Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes work, cultural events, and thought-leadership articles to engage them.

You can also hold online contests, ask your audience to share their own stories related to your post on the comment box, and promote a company hashtag. This is a win-win solution as brand awareness impacts your culture when you present yourself to the public.


Showcasing your company culture is a great way to strengthen your brand reputation, attract the best candidates, and keep your employees engaged. However, leveraging the right strategies and having a hiring guide are both vital to make this work!

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✍️ Written by: Chatty Garrate