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GuestJul 29, 20233 min read

Meet the Anita, Oomple's New Marketing Guru

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our awesome new marketing exec, Anita! With over 10 years of marketing experience under her belt, Anita is a pro at driving strategic growth. 

Throughout her career as a fractional CMO, she’s played a crucial role in propelling startups to success across diverse industries such as AI, SaaS, DEI, and Fintechs. Anita has a knack for establishing marketing departments from the ground up and shaping brands. She’s all about crafting extraordinary brand experiences.

But wait, there's more... Besides her impressive background, Anita's personality shines through with her fantastic sense of humor. To provide a glimpse into her character, we've lined up some fun interview questions. So, let's give a warm welcome to the newest member of our marketing team, Anita! 🎉


What motivated you to pursue marketing?

I fell into it! I was pursuing a career in law when I realized that I really enjoyed PR and comms. I entered into the PR/crisis communications space at a time when digital marketing and PR were dovetailing, which just led me to marketing as a whole.

I really ended up loving it - the thing I love most about marketing is the psychology behind it. I love understanding the why. The second thing I love most about marketing is being able to educate and equip people with the tools and information they need to succeed and make the best decisions for themselves.


What excites you about working at Oomple?

As a person who has dabbled in the world of freelancing and consulting for the last 10+ years, I see the necessity of this type of tool. There are serious gaps in how freelancers can engage meaningfully (and on their own terms) with companies. 

On the flipside, I’ve also been on the other end: hiring freelancers for my inhouse teams, and I see a space ripe for innovation - one that Oomple is taking on in a thoughtful, human way. 

Beyond that, being part of such a stellar team - one that will encourage and help me grow is exciting in itself!


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What's something fun or unique that people might not know about you?

I moonlight as an astrologer in my spare time! I am also on a 1500+ day streak on Duolingo (proving that product gamification DOES work).


In one word, how would you describe the way you work? 

Authentically. I believe in being human and collaborative, meeting people where they are and encouraging and uplifting everyone to reach their best potential. I believe in the power of a team and how we can grow together.

I’m also a VERY big fan of systems - so as a secondary word, I’d say “systemically”.


In one color, how would you describe your personality? 

Yellow! I believe in bringing joy, elation and ease to every interaction, which is what yellow represents to me.


You joined the team in July! What's your favourite thing about summer? 

Summer is the best season - mainly because of watermelon and picnics. 


What quote do you live by? 

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”


How long have you been in marketing? How long have you been working as a marketing consultant? 

11 years in marketing as a whole (!!!), and ~5 in a consulting capacity.


We hope you had a blast getting to know our newest Oomple team member just as much as we did. Finding someone as incredible as Anita hasn't always been a walk in the park... or should we say, "Wasn't" until now! 🌟 We've developed a kick-ass platform that makes hiring top-notch candidates a breeze, reducing all that pesky friction and boosting transparency.

With our platform, you can effortlessly plan, manage, and even future-proof your hiring process, all in one convenient place. This means you can shift your focus to what truly matters: propelling your company to greater heights! Curious to learn more? Don't hesitate – check us out! 


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