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Daniel CampoFeb 20, 20245 min read

How Oomple Simplifies the Search

When it comes to finding the right professional for the job, the search for the ideal candidate can be daunting. Agencies often grapple with fragmented databases and inefficient talent sourcing. As a recruiter, not only do you want to make sure you’re attracting the most talent for the job at hand, you also want to ensure those candidates are connected and engaged with the opportunities you have to share. Likewise, candidates are in the market for roles that align best with their values – and desire – at a minimum, to be respected throughout the hiring process. Oomple Copilot simplifies this by integrating a comprehensive database of professionals, reducing time-to-fill and elevating your agency's profile.




Fostering these growing relationships is the key to success. That’s why Oomple is the perfect tool for thoughtfully linking talent and employees in an ever-changing job market. Difficulties in manual database management and impersonal communication hinder relationship building. In just the first half of 2024, 42% of Canadian workers have already ventured into the job market, seeking better pay, benefits, perks and career advancement opportunities. Oomple Copilot prioritizes relationship building with smart candidate management features, enabling personalized interactions and efficient relationship nurturing.


Employers, in turn, 54% of whom are experiencing growth in 2024, are going on hiring sprees to fuel expansion. The time's right to seize opportunities created by these emerging trends – Oomple will help take you there.

Understanding Skills and Needs


As organizations grow and become globalized, so has the surge in available employee data. This in turn has driven a greater demand for streamlined human resources processes. Integrating new tools with existing ATS systems poses a significant challenge for many agencies. Technology is helping companies make data-driven decisions, and make them faster than ever before. Oomple’s simple link system effortlessly merges with your ATS, enriching your candidate sourcing process without extra hassle.

Studies show 30% of companies are planning to integrate AI technology into their businesses practices. While over 54% of hiring managers are actively seeking skilled workers, while more than half of managers say hiring takes much longer to hire them than it did a year ago.

While the market for skilled workers is still highly competitive, there are also employers hiring for newly created roles and empty positions. A survey by talent solutions firm Robert Half showed that 40% of organizations in 2024 will attempt to fill empty roles, while 68% will need to hire contractors in order to meet new business needs. Employers will need to be prepared for this potential surge in available talent, and will need easily scalable solutions in order to stay ahead of the game. 



On the other hand, job seekers expect tons more from their place of work beyond just competitive compensation and a clear path to advancement. Now more than ever, employees are looking for more than just the right cultural fit for them with companies among their chosen professions. They’re searching high and low for roles that can offer them greater flexibility, and are more in alignment with their values and beliefs. They value things like increased autonomy, flexibility and a career that allows them greater opportunities for advancement while providing a better balance between work and their lives outside of it. 

In the wake of the pandemic many Canadian workers are growing weary of the difficulties they faced in the wake of work-from-home culture. According to the latest Workforce Report from talent company iCIMS, one in three workers will change jobs in 2024. When looking specifically at the Canadian job market, a ServiceNow survey from 2022 found that 71% Canadians are not content to stay in jobs that haven’t given them enough purpose – even if that job came with higher pay. When auto manufacturer Ford conducted more than sixteen thousand online interviews in 16 countries, they found 78% of Canadians on average agree that it isn’t worth working at a job that increases your personal stress. 

Mental health will be a key focus for hiring professionals to focus on in the coming years. Gone are the days of constant availability and viewing overwork as somehow virtuous. As employees continue to combat major occupational issues like mounting stress and burnout from overwork that have skyrocketed over the past few years, employers must continue to pivot in order to be able to address these concerns. Through recognizing and repairing a culture of toxicity in the workplace, employers will need to work diligently to address management and organizational issues that are the root causes of burnout, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Go Beyond the First Connection


Agencies struggle to adapt to the dynamic needs of job seekers, who now seek roles offering flexibility, autonomy, and alignment with their values.
By providing access to specialized talent, Oomple Copilot is empowering agencies to quickly engage with potential hiring prospects at scale and allows them to rest assured that they’re speaking to someone with the right expertise. 

We’re at the forefront of this wave of innovation, and working to advance and evolve talent acquisition practices to match these challenges every day. At Oomple, we bring a holistic approach to recruitment and acquisition that helps combine the efficiency of cutting edge technologies with a human touch. By focusing on the candidate experience, we provide a user-friendly approach to recruitment at every stage of the process. 

Flexible hiring options for long- and short-term engagements will allow your agency to adapt  your client’s needs quickly and effectively. Oomple Copilot’s platform also provides you with the opportunity to import your database information for easy ATS functionality. It even helps you dynamically enrich any existing database that needs to be regularly maintained using our built-in networking tools, which helps save you tons of valuable time that would otherwise be spent on data upkeep. Our cost-effective solutions will help keep your project margins lean. 

Oomple Copilot caters to a wide range of needs and types of employment, and will help streamline your talent sourcing efforts with the help of our wide network of on-demand professionals.

Check us out today (for free!) and see the difference for yourself.


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