Creating Oomple: Evolving the Future of Work

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If you're wondering how Oomple started, our CEO and Co-founder, Norm, shares how we came to be and how we're transforming the way companies hire talent and manage agile teams.

“Starting Oomple was really a no-brainer after my experiences hiring and working with consultants.”

As co-founder and CEO, I'd like to share why we started Oomple. In my previous career, I was providing process solutions for companies, and I needed consultants to help fill skill gaps based on the project requirements. So, I relied heavily on traditional staffing agencies to outsource talent. However, 90% of the time, it was a disaster. Usually, the consultants provided to me through agencies were not the right fit. It wasn’t that they weren’t skilled; it was usually that they weren’t a right match for us - their skills just weren't relevant for the project at hand. This was frustrating not only for us but for the professionals as well.  

Due to the lack of transparency through the agency, we were left in the dark throughout the hiring process, so we were never really sure what would be handed our way. We then lost important time finding and onboarding the wrong fit and scrambled to find a replacement. This whole process was always very stressful, time-consuming, and costly.

After over 20 years of outsourcing this way, I knew something needed to change!

It was clear that the current staffing model was broken (and outdated). But, companies like mine, who needed specialized professionals on contract kept using staffing agencies because they had no other option.

I compare this dilemma today to taxis vs Uber. We’ve used taxis for so many years and tolerated their inconveniences because we didn’t know of or have any better or alternate solutions. 

So, after too many years of tolerating this broken model, I decided it was time for a change. And no one else disrupting this model, Oomple came to mind. I wanted to transition the status-quo over to a digitized platform model rather than an agency model to facilitate the process for all parties involved. 

We created Oomple to switch the focus by providing simplicity and convenience to give the power back to the company and consultant. 

“We wanted to become a facilitator to the market, not a barrier - much like Uber did.”

We've dedicated ourselves to transforming the current staffing model to provide companies and professionals with better solutions and transparency. We strive to offer better talent-matching results, a better and digitized experience, complete visibility, and business tools through our platform.

“Our agile talent platform is evolving the future of On-demand work.”

Here are some ways we're different and provide more efficiencies for companies seeking agile talent:

Platform Model: Through our digitized platform, you have direct access to talent, transparent transactions, lower service rates, marketing, networking and an integrated all-in-one profile and hub. Our platform will also integrate all the business tools you need to hire and manage your team successfully.  

Visibility: We provide visibility to both parties, so they know where they stand. No more being left in the dark and no more surprises. You see exactly what skills you're getting, so you know they'll be a right fit for your project. You have transparency on rates, talent skills, experiences, references, where you’re at in your hiring journey, and more. You review each professional before moving forward. 

Better & Faster Matching: Our AI and human hybrid model provides unparalleled accuracy in matching. We use over 50 data points to ensure precise matching. Our success experts then review matches to warrant the perfect fit. We find those "hard to find" skills faster and more accurately (with a 48-hour turnaround). 

Highly-skilled Professionals: Our focus is on bringing you vetted, highly skilled and experienced professionals that work on longer contracts, become an extension of your team and produce quality results.

“Fast-forward to 2022, and our platform has grown to have over 45,000 On-demand professionals and over 500 companies. We’ve been a part of exciting accelerator programs, have raised investor capital and are projecting significant growth.”

Hiring talent shouldn't be a headache and so we're excited to be paving the way in providing more accessible, transparent and easier talent-hiring solutions! 

Chat directly to a Growth Specialist who can provide you with more information and help you identify your hiring needs. 

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