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GuestJan 17, 20224 min read

5 Python Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2022

Although almost every tech professional has heard of Python, many have become proficient in this versatile programming language. Many don’t know, though, that Python has actually been around for more than 30 years!


While the programming language has deep roots, its use shows no signs of slowing down - usage of Python increased by 50% in 2020, and tech industry experts expect its usage to continue increasing for the near future - particularly because remote work gives companies access to global Python talent.


In fact, Python is the second most popular programming language in September 2021’s Tiobe rankings, losing by only 0.16 percent to C


With the sharp increase in Python's popularity and usage, new opportunities have emerged. As Python use trends continue to develop, tech professionals proficient in this language will find a virtual flood of new applications to explore and make their mark in. 


The increase in Python usage means more demand when it comes to consulting work and freelance work, as well as traditional job roles. These Python trends will help you refine and shape your skills to meet the demands of businesses and consumers in 2022 and beyond. 💥


1. Machine Learning

Why Should You Know It? Machine learning is the process of building systems that can adapt and refine themselves based on data input and experience. AI systems - key components of machine learning, learn and improve without the need for a human programmer to make manual updates. 

Why Is It Important to Focus on In 2022? Today’s business environment involves a consumer base that increasingly expects technology to “read their minds.” The companies that succeed today are those that invest in machine learning systems. This allows their technology to better serve customers and clients without the need for an army of human programmers.  

2. Web Development

Why Should You Know It? Python is a staple language for web development, particularly as a web application back-end programming language. While users never see this programming in action, it serves as the backbone of a company’s IT infrastructure. 

Why Is It Important to Focus on In 2022? Consumers and B2B buyers alike are increasingly relying on digital tools - primary websites - to make purchasing decisions. A robust, intuitive website with no significant user experience “hiccups” cultivates a sense of trust that increases a company’s chance of winning its audience’s business and loyalty. 



3. Customer Behavior Analysis

Why Should You Know It? Customer behaviour analysis - what people outside the tech industry commonly refer to as “Big Data,” involves collecting and analyzing customer data to make better business decisions, more closely align with customers’ needs, and develop products that produce greater revenue. 

Why Is It Important to Focus on In 2022? Consumer behaviour analysis was one thought of as the domain of multi-billion dollar corporate monoliths. Today, though, even small businesses are tapping into customer behaviour data to predict what consumers will want in the future. This practice is essential for companies that want to grow and thrive in today’s hypercompetitive environment. 


4. Automation

Why Should You Know It? Automation is the process of using digital means to relieve human beings of repetitive tasks. Anyone who has ever used a calculator has seen automation in action - instead of having to perform mathematical computations in their head or on paper, they rely on a computer to perform these computations automatically. 

Today, automation streamlines every leg of a product’s journey, from design, to manufacturing, to warehousing, to delivery. 

Why Is It Important to Focus on In 2022? Ask any of the millions of business owners impacted by the lingering effects of the COVID-10 pandemic what would make their businesses run more smoothly, and they’d probably tell you it would be “to clone myself and my employees.” 

While that technology might be a few years away, automation provides a similar effect without all of the DNA splicing and additional payroll. By helping companies automate processes, you can decrease their expenses, increase productivity, and relieve employees of the burden of doing repetitive, unfulfilling work. 



5. Cloud Computing

Why Should You Know It? It’s no secret that data usage has exploded in the past few years, even among casual internet users. This includes a dramatically increased need for storage. For example, a 4K movie requires about 14 GB of storage per hour of video.

It’s simply not practical for consumers and businesses to rely on local drives - moving files can take hours or even days, and buying additional physical data storage can be frustrating. 

Python is a valuable cloud computing language, particularly when it comes to data security. Google uses Python in cloud computing security, as do numerous major social network platforms. 

Why Is It Important to Focus on In 2022? Consumer data usage is not likely to decrease, as many people around the world continue to develop a “virtual first” lifestyle in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. This means that business and consumer demands for cloud storage and computing will only increase with time. 


How Can You Take Advantage of These Python Trends in 2022? 

These are just a few of the major Python trends that are spreading throughout the tech industry. If you know Python and are open to new opportunities, 2022 might be your breakout year!



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