5 Must-Reads For Every Professional Freelancer

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Alright, so you’ve been doing professional freelance work for a while now and need that extra boost to keep your mindset on track. Don’t you worry, we all need it every now and then to keep our drive! Thankfully, we’ve gathered a few of our favourite resources to check out for the motivated and passionate professional freelancer. These must-reads are based on skills and mindset when being a freelancer. Check them out and take the reins of your professional life. 

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

We know what you’re thinking… This book is advertised everywhere, but there’s a reason for it! This classic offers so many (non-hacky) professional and personal problem-solving principles.  These principles can easily be translated to on-demand freelancers. Trust us; You’ll want to read this one if you haven’t already!


2. Deep Work

This second read dives in on how to alter your ability to focus when you’re completing a cognitive task. Just like every profession, being a freelancer comes with its challenges. Focusing and unplugging from external distractors is one to be reckoned with. Cal Newport dedicates a portion of the book to show you how disconnecting yourself from social media can offer you precisely what you need when it comes to getting the job done.


3. Unleash the Power of Storytelling

You already know how important it is to communicate effectively, especially when working with a recruiter or for a company. Exercising communicating and working on your storytelling capabilities won’t only let you sell your skills, they’ll also help you sell YOU!


4. Born for This

There’s a reason you chose to become a professional freelancer, and “Born for This” helps you remember why. This read explores those that wake up in the morning anticipating to take on the day and finding the meaning behind their work. It’s the perfect harmony of joy, money, and flow (what an incredible trifecta!).


5. The Art of Work

There’s nothing more fulfilling than to find your life’s purpose. And that’s what keynote-speaking and award-winning blogger Jeff Goins helps you discover in this captivating read! While bringing you on his journey, Goins helps his readers (you) find the perfect crossover between your interests and the world’s needs to help take control of your life and happiness.

Now that you have the perfect collection of books, it’s time to put all that knowledge to work! Go out there and do what makes you fulfilled, whether that’s finding the perfect balance of working from home or expanding your skillset and becoming more knowledgeable. Regardless of your goals, Oomple has you covered and wants to see you grow as a professional freelancer!