10 Steps to Becoming an Oracle Consultant

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Has it ever been a career goal to become an Oracle Consultant?

Do you feel that you have the right technical skills, functional abilities and professional experiences to pursue this goal?

Oracle is a top employers in the world and one of the biggest integrated hardware software businesses. In order to maintain such a large footprint in the business world, it offers a training and certification program which will help you get started on being an Oracle Consultant. In this competitive market and with such strong talent, Certification as an Oracle consultant is an essential tool for IT Consultants.

In addition to this, to pursue a career as an Oracle Consultant, you typically need a bachelor’s degree in a technical subject, such as computer science, logistics, or systems information. You should also have relevant work experience, such as a previous role in business intelligence or using Oracle proprietary software to implement business solutions.  Additional qualifications include excellent interpersonal and analytical problem-solving skills.

Here are some important steps to consider if you want to become an Oracle consultant.

(1) Select the certification that is right for you.

Oracle produces a large amount of software and hardware products. The company offers different, specific certifications for each supported version of a product. A certification will allow you to provide technical support for a company that runs a specific Oracle product. As a result, a person’s job or desired job usually dictates the certificate they receive. Receiving an Oracle certificate may lead to a new job, a promotion, or a raise.

(2) Join Oracle University home page.

The training and certification process is overseen by Oracle University. From its home page, you may access information on the certification and training process.

(3) Find the RIGHT certificate to your skills.

Each Oracle product falls into one of ten general product categories. These include: Applications, Cloud, Database, Enterprise Management, Foundation, Industries, Java and Middleware, Operating Systems, Systems, and Virtualization. Scroll down to the general product category that interests you, locate the software you want to become an expert in, and then click on the certification that meets your needs. Clicking on the certification itself will transfer you to a new page that lists information about the certification

(4) Find your certification’s Learning Path.

Each certification has an accompanying Learning Path, a series of training courses offered through Oracle University. You can access a complete list of Oracle University’s Learning Paths by clicking here.

(5) Choose a course & register.

This will bring you to a webpage that contains the course description and purchasing/scheduling options. Once you’ve found the course you want to take, identify the date, time and format of the course that meets your needs.  There is a cost to purchase the course. Prices vary greatly by course and format. You can expect to pay between $500.00 and $1,000.00 per day of class

(5) Create an account at certview.oracle.com.

Before you sit for the test, you will need to create a personal account at certview.oracle.com. Oracle will send your test results and certificate to this account.[8]

(6) Purchase an exam voucher.

To purchase a voucher, click here. Oracle offers vouchers for an in-person, proctored exam and an online exam. Vouchers are valid for six months.[9]

  • A proctored exam costs $245.00.[10]
  • An online exam costs $125.00.[11]

(6) Register for your exam.

To register for your exam, click here. You may register for your certification exam in advance of the desired test date or on the day you would like to sit for the test. Depending on the voucher you purchased and your location, you may register for an:

  • In-person, proctored or non-proctored exam at a Pearson Vue testing center
  • In-person, proctored exam at an Oracle testing center
  • Online exam taken at your own location[12]

(7) Take your certification exam and await your results.

Following your exam, you will receive an email from Oracle notifying you that your results are viewable online. You may access these results at certview.oracle.com.[13]

(8) Receive your Oracle certificate.

Upon passing your exam, Oracle will grant you a certification. When your certificate is available on certview.oracle.com, the company will send you an email.

(9) Update your profiles.

Now that you are certified, update your resume, Linkedin, Oomple profile or any other portfolios. These will be key searches for agencies and recruiters when they are looking for resources for Oracle contracts.

(10) APPLY!

See what’s out there. Check out the Oomple platform for a vast variety of different Oracle contracts.

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