6 Tips on Relocation For a Freelance Professionals

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Relocation can get complicated and becomes a bigger task once you start. Whether you are moving for your partner, landed an amazing contract (congrats!), or in need of a change in scenery, relocating can be difficult. With packing, finding somewhere to live, and becoming familiar with your new city, we know there is a lot to do, so from using my experience moving cities and condos and speaking with Oomple consultants who have experience relocating for a contract, here are some tips to make the transition to your new city as smooth as possible.

Ask your recruiter or hiring manager questions.

For those relocating for a new contract, you might want to think about the cost to move. Maybe ask the recruiter if there are expenses in the rate you are submitted at or ask your hiring manager if they will offer to pay for your entire move, but you won’t know what they will cover until you ask. Though some companies offer relocation compensation as part of the hourly rate or onboarding package, other companies may not be as explicit so it is always important to ask and see if they will cover any costs. If expenses to move is not included in your contract, ask your recruiter if they may have helpful advice on areas to look for affordable rent and good locations to look for your new home. And remember to save your receipts, your moving expenses may be tax deductible (more on this later).

Who do you know in your new city?

Now is the time to put those networking skills to use. Reach out to former employees, consultants, managers, former classmates, acquaintances, and ask your friends and family if they know anyone in the area, and put those LinkedIn connections to the test! Trust me, it’s nice to see a familiar face in such a transition.

Moving for a contract? Don’t think long-term.

A short-term lease may be your best option. A short-term lease will allow you to make sure you feel comfortable in the area, check out the commute, and gives you time to get a better grasp on the new city. Also, keep in mind that your contract might not get extended. Be cautious of what your lease is or accommodations contract so you don’t get stuck.

Be sure to have a place to live lined up before you go. Nothing is worse than having to figure out a new city and a new job all the while trying to figure out where to live!

Traffic and commuting.

Travel is a factor no doubt and an expense to keep in mind. Areas that are closer to the city tend to have high rental costs, as opposed to those located far from it. Though you might have found a cheaper and more comfortable place to stay a little further out, the distance and amount of traffic from your new spot to work will be important. Traffic can affect the time it takes to get to and from work. People who work in high-traffic cities are used to waking up early and getting home late. It’s important to know the travel trends in your new city to truly understand what you’re letting yourself in for.

Maybe try and see if walking is an option. Walking is the best way to increase your curiosity and discover new coffee shops, grocery stores or hidden gems that make you feel right at home.

Socialize with the new.

This is perhaps the most essential piece of advice you’ll get about happily relocating. Invited to an activity that’s way outside your comfort zone? Not sure if you’ll get along with the employee or management asking you to coffee? Who cares, say yes anyway! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Check out Oomple Meetups that we host every month. This is a chance for you to meet other consultants in the city. Talk about the project you are on, the client who you are with and establish a new, professional relationship.

Enjoying the new city but contracts up soon, now what?

Talk to your recruiter, Oomple talent team, or higher manager and let them know that your contract is up soon. Some recruiters, such as those at Oomple will take care of you. We will start to look for other contracts with a different client or move you to a new department on a new project. The ultimate goal is for you to remain working and have easy transitions to new contracts.

Don’t stress – be patient with the move!

Moving can be stressful, chaotic, and a definitely whirlwind. Take time to regroup, recharge, and remember why you are moving, what your goals are, and trust the process. Again, don’t be afraid to ask for help!


Do you feel a little more comfortable with relocating for a new gig? If you haven’t already, be sure to contact Oomple to find out what kind of opportunities are out there and to further network in your new city.