Meet Kristen Seaton – Our Community Manager

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Meet Kristen. One of the originals at Oomple (formerly Splice). Kristen has been with Oomple since Norm and Serge welcomed her with open arms in August 2016.  Before Oomple, she was busy finishing her Post-Graduate Human Resources Certificate at Algonquin and working as a Recruiter at another agency.

Kristen has always been passionate about building relationships and connecting networks. As a Community Manager, she helps bridge the gap between the clients and candidates through a digital platform. Her approach as a recruiter and consultant network advocate has brought something fresh and modernizing to the industry.

She has found a love and interest in the rise of digital marketing and social recruiting, which led her to manage all of the communications and content on Oomples’ social media platforms. Kristen enjoys finding ways to connect and build Oomple’s community internally and externally!

Favorite Feature on the Oomple Platform:

Our instant chat feature! The instant chat feature on the platform to me adds that human touch that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Even though much of the industry is moving toward automation, us included, everyone is hyper-aware of maintaining the human element. It builds confidence as a recruiter to the consultant if done right!

Interesting Career Related Fact:

My title ‘Community Manager’ goes beyond the walls of Oomple. I am a spin instructor at SPINCO, a social media influencer for a meal prep company and brand ambassador at a fitness supplement company. I enjoy bringing value and educating people on products and services that can help improve their lives!

Quote to Live by:


Our purpose and passions always constantly unfolding before us. Be true to your energy and what excites you.  When you act on the things that bring you joy and excitement, people will be attracted to that energy and will engage with what you’re doing.