Norm Daigle (Oomple CEO) Speaks at DisruptHR

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Our founder and leader, Norm Daigle, represented Splice (now Oomple) at DisruptHR Ottawa!

Why is disruption important within the HR space?

Here at Oomple, disruption is a good thing. Disruption means thinking of new and innovative ways to attract, retain, motivate, and optimize talent.

Disruption means challenging the status quo; moving us in the direction of change and innovation.

Disruption means creating new and exciting ways for people to be more effective, connected and fulfilled.

The face of the workforce is changing – consultants and contractors are now a large part of the skilled labour force. By 2027 it is expected that consultants will make up the majority of the workforce and already nearly 50% of the millennials are part of the gig economy.

We are experiencing a dramatic economic shift, in real time.

Organizations are struggling to get access to the best skills and to manage labour costs. Consultants are being leveraged by the best organizations as a way to deal with these challenges.

The problem remains: the existing HR Strategies do not include consultants and contractors.

DisruptHR Ottawa is an innovative networking and learning event designed for Business Leaders and all HR professionals – from students and new grads to mid-career professionals and seasoned executives. The event brings valuable content about new challenges and opportunities targeting all topics of HR.

We are seeing first hand how digital technology has sparked a much-needed change in the function of HR; disrupting business models and changing the 9-5 workspace altogether.