What Makes a Great Freelance Professional?

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There’s no hard and fast rulebook for consultants/freelacers, but there are certain personality traits and habits that make people stand out from the crowd. Here are some attributes the Oomple talent team believes makes a consultant great—check them out!


Consulting is about problem-solving, and great consultants have a voracious appetite for knowledge built into their DNA. They are constantly diving into the heart of a problem, figuring out what’s causing it and how to best crack it.

Structured thinking and communication

Structured thinking is fundamental to recommending and implementing, while communication is paramount—the best consultants communicate clearly and precisely no matter how tough the task

Continuous self-improvement

Good consultants never stop learning and stay up-to-date with market conditions and trends. Being contemporary and on top of what’s on the bleeding edge of technology and business is vital.


Great consultants adapt to new projects, work cultures, and colleagues easily, balancing all the elements to create the best interactions and the most fruitful outcomes.

Team Player

Consultants who work well in teams are some of the best ingredients for a successful project. They genuinely value the expertise and input of others and put company goals and team spirit first. It’s better together!

Delivery Management

Good consultants will have contingency plans, but also need to be able to adapt to mid-course corrections while still getting the job done. They accept feedback, learn from it, and move on.

Point of Difference

Clients want to be provided the best people. Great consultants are confident about their skills and expertise. They exhibit natural collaborative leadership and always leave their ego at the door.


Good judgment requires combining all these attributes with good decision-making and a healthy dose of experience. The best consultants take time to consider the facts and to get feedback (and buy-in!) before making a recommendation.


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