4 Simple Ways to Stand Out as a Freelancer

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Do you ever feel like you need more than just a traditional resume, cover letter or online profile? Are you curious to know how you can separate yourself from the competition that you are applying against? Sounds like you need a few tricks to help you stand out from the rest as a professional freelancer.

In order to stand out, you need to be noticeably different. When it comes to positioning your career, you need to define your brand and your points of difference (PODs).

Point of difference are things that distinguish from your competition. They are things that separate you from others, and make companies interesting hiring you!

In a crowded industry like IT, it’s hard to define your point of difference. So, how do you make yourself stand out? Here are ways you can sell yourself.

1.    Get Creative with Presentation

Create an eye-catch, easy to read and overall engaging resume.  Review and proofread to make sure the resume tells your story. Include in your resume alternative platforms such as your LinkedIn profile, social media handles, blog, online portfolio and so on. Recruiters dig deep. So make sure your they are all polished and contribute to your personal brand.

Oomple is another great platform to use as it that can help you can gain direct visibility to the market and to the companies and projects you want to work on.

2.    Clear, Crisp and Creative Communication

How you say something in your resume is as important as what you say. The style and wording you choose can reflect both your professionalism and personality. And it can also help stand out from everyone else, and appeal directly to your target company.

Also, communicate to your network!  Ensure that your resume is getting into the hands of the right people. Think of how you can make yourself discoverable. Again, this comes from getting out of your comfort zone and trying different tactics!

3.    Be Persistent and Put in the Work

No one said getting the job you want would be easy.

Simply put, to stand out you need to work harder and smarter. Develop your skills so that you become more capable than your competitors. Include your personal development or certifications in your resume. Challenge yourself to learn new things, study your responsibilities and, and become the best in your field.

4.    Personalize and Make The Connection

Relax a bit your resume. “Dear Recruiter or to Whom This May Concern” has the recruiters or hiring managers snoozing already.

Begin with showing that you took the time to do your research and get to know both the hiring manager, the department and the company. Highlight in your resume past projects, accomplishments, value or mission statements that align with the companies and incorporate into your material.  This shows that you did your homework and that you are a good fit for the opportunity.

Putting in the work, you’ll eventually rise above from the rest of the competition. It may not be a quick fix, next day miracle, but it’s a safe long-term mindset and approach to get that dream job faster.