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Elevate Talent Relationship Management & Pipeline Success

Delivering scalability, customization, and robust security, Oomple Copilot is a holistic talent relationship management solution tailored to companies looking for the right fit for their teams.

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Search an Active Network of Professionals

Oomple Applicant Tracking Management

Nurture & Manage Candidates

Oomple Proactive Recruiting Page

Proactively Source & Build Networks

Oomple Candidate Vetting

Quickly Vet & Filter Professionals

Trusted by Top Brands


One Seamless Experience

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Your Ultimate Hiring Hub

  • Browse 60K+ on-demand professionals, access unlimited job postings, and save hours on candidate search and outreach
  • Reduce time spent nurturing candidates and instead spend time engaging with qualified candidates
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Oomple Data and Engagment

Speed Up Sourcing & Vetting

  • Shortened time to match: You’ll be sent matches immediately based directly on your required skill sets and experience
  • Faster sourcing and vetting: Save 10+ hours per week and get faster results with user-friendly AI-assisted searches and team collaboration features
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Oomple Company View of Candidate Profiles

Networking Tools & Direct Communication

  • Grow your network with recommended and manual connections and build proactive wish lists
  • Gain hours back weekly by leveraging unlimited direct and bulk messaging
  • Eliminate the back and forth between a third party, we give you free range of our platform allowing you to communicate with our network of on-demand professionals directly
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Company Dashboard

Cost Savings by Focusing On Revenue-Generating Tasks

  • Pay a monthly subscription whether you hire 1 or 20 people, and it’ll more than pay for itself if you place just one on-demand professional a year
  • Save thousands of dollars per month by avoiding multiple tools and no added markup fees for hours worked 
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Make your relationships
work for you

Your talent team and hiring managers require more than a basic applicant tracking system. What they truly need is a flexible, affordable solution that enables them to foster genuine connections with candidates.

Oomple Copilot is your budget-friendly answer, going beyond mere emails or LinkedIn messages, and providing accessible nurturing capabilities to build authentic relationships. Start saving time, money and build long lasting relationships today.

60k+ Professionals
8+ Hours Saved onweekly outreach
10+ Hours Saved on weekly communication
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“Oomple consultants always fit in well with the culture of the Royal College. We've been pleased with the candidates provided by Oomple.”
Michel Devost testimonial pic-1
Micheal DevostManager, Corporate Systems — The Royal College
“Oomple gives you the ability to keep most of your recruiting and sourcing in-house.  The cost and savings— It was a no brainer for us."
Sebastien KornelFinance Director — Seguin Morris

Stay ahead with streamlined hiring processes in one centralized, affordable hub.

Craft uniquely personalized candidate journeys at every stage with Oomple Copilot.

Search for, Hire, Communicate with, and Build Benches of Candidates All in One Place.

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We’ll Answer Faster Than You Can Say “Oomple Is Awesome” (Okay, Maybe In A Little More Time).