Professional FAQ

Finding Work
  • What are the typical steps from signing up to obtaining a job contract?
    1. Start by creating your account 
    2. Complete your profile 
      1. Build your persona(s)
        • Once you've created your account, you'll then set up your persona(s). Your persona describes you and your professional background: your professional field, specialties, skills, experience and rate. You can have multiple personas if you have various areas of expertise that allow you to work in different roles. 
      2.  Upload your Resume
        •  You'll then need to upload your resume to proceed forward. 
      3. Now, you'll have access to your personal profile. Through your profile, you can search and manage your job applications all in one place and get updates on your application status. You can add a professional photo, your certifications, education and any other details you may want to add to make your profile complete and stand out to potential hiring companies. 
    3. Get matched
      • There are many different ways to get matched to a suitable professional contract (see more details in the next question). 
        1. Receive job matches from our Success team
        2. Our Ai tech will send you job notifications that suit your skillset.
        3. Companies looking to hire for your skillset can search and get matched to you.
    4. Apply, View and Manage your job applications 
      • When a freelance contract interests you, you can apply to it (or apply to multiple ). You'll be able to see and manage all your job applications through your Oomple account. You can keep tabs on your application - on its status or any changes. At any time, you can connect with our success team if you have questions about the status of your role application. You'll receive notifications when a company proceeds forward with your application. 
    5. Interview and start working
      • You'll then interview for the role if selected. If you're interviewing for multiple positions simultaneously, you can track where you're at with each contract role. That way, you never lose sight of where you're at with each opportunity.

    Once you've successfully gone through the interview process with a company, the following steps are to set up the contract through our marketplace. You'll receive communication on first-day instructions, as well as your timesheets, payment information and any other details associated with your contact details.

  • What are the different ways to get matched to job contracts in my field?

    We have many ways for you to get matched to professional contracts through our platform. 

    1. Ai matching: Once you have your profile completed and optimized (all your skills, specialties, and experiences included), our Ai tech will be able to pull this information and match you to the work contract best suited for you. 
    2. Our team: Our Oomple Success team comprises highly skilled recruiters who will actively communicate with professionals registered to our platform as new roles come up that could be suitable for them. You can also reach out to our team if you have any questions about optimizing your profile to get more accurate job matches or see available positions. 
    3. Search: Yes, you can search for freelance/ consulting jobs on your own too! Look up roles, job keywords and fields that interest you to see what work contracts are available through our worldwide on-demand marketplace.
  • What do I do if I can't find the role I want?

    As mentioned in the previous question, there are many different ways to find the work you want. If you do not see a role you wish, it could simply be that your profile isn't complete or is missing specific skills and information and therefore, our team and ai technology can't best match you to the roles available. You could optimize and complete your profile or reach out to our team so that they can help you out.

    It could also be the timing. There are always new work contracts popping up, so chances are that if your profile is complete and optimized, you simply need to wait a few days, and we'll notify you about new jobs on the platform.

    Another reason could be that your field is not niche in our marketplace. Companies hiring through our platform post professional projects and seek specialized expertise (consultant work) rather than gig-type work. Gig-work meaning task-based work as opposed to project-based work. I.E. A Graphic Designer creating a one-time logo and a Copywriter writing a blog for a webpage are more gig-style workers. Whereas Project Managers, Software Developers and Business Consultants are more project-based workers. If you're not sure if your skillset is in demand for our marketplace, simply reach out to us, and we can let you know or help you find more options.

  • Do you have remote roles?

    Yes! There are many remote jobs on our marketplace, and more and more remote work options are added every day. So, you have access to more professional job opportunities since you can work from wherever you may be. 

    However, we aren't a remote work-only platform. We know that some professionals prefer to work in-person/ in-office, and many companies prefer that too. That's why we have plenty of on-site roles available as well all over North America. 

    There are also hybrid work options for part-remote and part in-person jobs if you're someone who prefers something in between. 

    So remote work, in-office, or hybrid work? Whichever you prefer, you'll likely find the option that works best for you in your preferred role!

Profile Management
  • What's a Persona?

    We understand your work experiences and skills are unique, so there may not be a straightforward way to showcase your specific skill set.

    A persona is a way to elaborate on your skill sets, specialties within your field, experience, rate, location preferences, certifications, education, or anything else you may want to add about your experience. 

    A persona is essentially your profile, professional background and resume all in one. Your persona will help ensure you get the best professional freelance job contract match possible! 

    We also understand that you may have multiple potential expertise and unique skills with different years of experience or want to price them differently, too. 

    • Are you a Solutions Architect but open to opportunities as a Software Engineer?
    • Are you a Project Manager who doubles as a Business Analyst?
    • Are you a Marketing Director who can also work as an SEO Strategist? 

    That's why we also allow you to create multiple Personas within your profile. These personas can represent your many talents and open you up to more opportunities within your field or fields of work. You can have as many Personas as you like. These multiple personas are all under your profile, so everything is in one place, but each persona still reflects relevant work experience in each field or role. 

    For example, you might be a certified Business Analyst with five years of experience and want to price yourself differently from your Project Manager experience as you have 15 years of experience in this field. Personas allow you to highlight each of your capabilities and reflect and highlight your experience in both (or more) areas to best match you to roles. Personas allow you to specifically market your different expertise accurately and will enable companies to find you easily.

  • Why do I need to create a profile if I can upload my resume?

    Your resume is essential, but your profile is how our team and ai matching technology will filter your skills and experience to match you to top professional contracts. So, to have the best matches and more opportunities sent your way, you must complete your profile as well.

  • How do I optimize my profile to get better job matches?

    Simply put, optimizing your profile means that you've completed all the fields in your profile and that you've included all your specialties, skill sets, and experience.

    You've also thoroughly created a persona or personas that best represent your professional capabilities. Adding a professional image and certifications are great ways to build a strong profile and ensure your profile is showcased first in the professionals' search results. 

    You can ask yourself the following questions to see if your profile is optimized:

    • Are all the sections in my profile complete? 
    • Do I have a professional profile picture?
    • Have I added all my skills and experiences to my persona or personas? 
    • Is my resume up to date and clear?
    • Are my location preferences up to date? 
    • Have I invited others to join? 
    • Are my job settings and notifications accurate? 

    If you've answered yes to all of these questions, then your profile is all set up for success!

Work Contract
  • How do I get paid?

    At Oomple, our system is simple. You keep track of your hours, your manager approves them, and you submit your timesheet to us monthly. You'll receive your payment on the 20th of each month for services provided and billed for the previous month. We take care of payments as we want to ensure all On-demand professionals are always paid for their work and always paid on time. We also deal with the client's payment terms, so you don't have to.

  • What do I do if my freelance contract is cancelled?

    Unfortunately, it does happen that a professional contract gets cancelled by a company before the original end date. Oomple insists that companies provide a 14-day notice of cancellation. 

    We always make sure you get paid for all work completed during the length of the contract before cancellation. After this contract is complete, we will work with you to find you a new great contract that fits your skills!

  • Can I terminate a contract before the end date?

    We don't recommend that consultants terminate their work contract with a customer before the agreed-upon end date, but we understand that it does happen (or life happens). In these situations, Oomple asks that the On-demand Professional provides a 14-day notice (or more) to allow the Customer to find a replacement consultant to complete the contract.