Company FAQ

  • What are the typical steps from signing up to hiring?
    1. Start by creating your account 
    2. Complete your profile 
    3. Once you've accessed your account, you'll be able to complete and customize your personal profile. To start, go to the left side of your account page and click "profile." From here, you'll be able to add your professional photo, an introduction and description about yourself and your Organization, add your location and other details.
    4. Create your Organization
      • Next, you'll create your Organization by clicking on "My Organization" on the left side of your account. Here you can add important and captivating information about your Organization: A company photo, an introduction, company mission, upcoming projects, and more. This information is what top candidates will see and help them decide whether they would be a good fit. You'll also be able to connect with and invite team members to your Organization so you can communicate all in one place. 
    5. Get matched
      • Start your talent matching process by clicking on "Requests" on the left sidebar of your account. Here you'll answer a few questions (it'll only take about 2 minutes). This information is essential for our Success recruiting team and Ai matching technology to search for top qualified candidates best suited for your project needs. 
      • A member of our Success Team will also review this information and further qualify candidates, so you're left reviewing only the top candidates.
    6. Interview & hire
      • Once you receive top applicants, you can review and select your favourite candidates. Our Success Team will take care of the scheduling of interviews. Once the interviews are complete, you can choose your favourite candidate(s) to hire. A recruitment specialist from our Success Team will take care of all the paperwork, contracting, first-day details so you can focus on other priorities. Then your new professional on-demand hire will start working on your company project. 
  • What are the benefits of hiring an on-demand professional?

    There are countless benefits to hiring On-Demand Professionals! Here are a few of the main reasons companies hire on-demand (Consultants/Freelance professionals): specialized skills, lower costs, new perspective, and efficient delivery. 

    Specialized Skills: Hiring an expert On-Demand Professional with specialized skills is your best option when it comes to accomplishing a project quickly and successfully. An On-demand Professional provides you with expertise that will help you actualize a unique or complex project for your company. You can hire them for a project as the Lead (for example, a Lead Senior Project Manager or a Product Consultant). They can also come work with you to support your team by filling a specific skill gap (for example, a UX designer joining your web development team for website creation). 

    Lower Costs: Although an On-demand Professional's wage is a similar or higher hourly rate than an employee, you'll usually still end up saving, on average, 25% when you compare all the expenses associated with hiring a full-time employee. You won't have to worry about additional costs: administrative fees, benefits, overhead, and training. Once the project is complete, you won't worry about having an extra employee who isn't necessary for your day-to-day business, which can be costly. 

    New Perspective: On-Demand Professionals don't have preconceived or biased ideas about your company and therefore step in with a fresh perspective. An external contract worker will seek to find new solutions for your business and be the catalyst you need to drive your business forward. 

    Efficient Delivery: Since you hired this expert for a specific project, they can focus solely on the project at hand, without other day-to-day distractions and obligations that employees might encounter. They also know it's in their best interest to remain viable and meet the goals of their contract within the given specific time frame. Their experience and skills in this particular field also mean that they'll require less of a learning curve to get started and work much faster. 

  • How do you find the professional that I need?

    Creating your company profile and personal profile are the first steps to getting matched to the right professional. You'll then need to fill out your "Request" from your account to detail your hiring needs. This information is essential for our Ai matching technology and our Success team to search for talent that is best suited to you. 

    An Oomple Success Team Expert will then reach out to you to discuss the specifications of your project, timelines and needs. 

    From there, we do the work. We will ensure to present you with only the top professionals who fit your needs.

  • Can I hire a remote professional?

    Of course, you can! You can specify if you prefer to hire a remote or on-site professional for your project when speaking to our Success Team. You can also leave it open or offer a hybrid model (where they'll work partly in-office and partly remotely). Whatever works best for you or makes the project run smoother.

Profile Management
  • What's the difference between my profile vs my organization profile?

    Simply put, your personal profile describes you as a professional within your Organization (company CEO, hiring manager, H.R., recruiter, etc.) and includes your personal photo and details. 

    Your Organization describes your company. What does your company do? What is your company mission? Where is your Organization located? What upcoming projects do you have? This information is what top candidates will see and help them decide whether they would be a good fit. 

    You'll also be able to connect with and invite team members to your Organization so you can all communicate in one place.

  • How do I optimize my company's profile to get matched to professionals?

    Optimizing your company profile means that you've completed every section of your profile and organization details and have sprinkled some extra details to stand out to potential candidates. 

    Here are the top optimization pointers: 

    1. Complete the Request form: The best way to move forward is by completing the request form. This form provides us with the necessary info to vet talent and meet your hiring needs. 
    2. Add an enticing Organization description: Here's your chance to "wow" freelance & consulting professionals who view your Organization and to explain why it'd be great to work with you. You can also include your mission, vision, values and showcase some upcoming projects. You can even add links, photos, hashtags or emojis to stand out.
    3. Complete your Profile: Professionals want to know about your Organization, but they also like to see who they'll work for. Filling out your profile builds trust and personalization, which is attractive to top talent. 
    4. Invite teammates: Much like adding your profile, including teammates helps make your Organization complete and credible and helps professionals understand who they would be working alongside. 
  • How do I invite team members to my company profile?

    Log into your account and click onto "My Organization," and select the "Members" tab and click on the "+." From there, you can invite members via their email addresses. You'll be able to see all members below as well as pending invitations. People can also request to join your Organization.

  • What are the benefits of working with a Success team?

    Working with our Oomple Success team will boost your success and take a lot of work off your plate. They'll do a lot of the heavy lifting that comes with finding, refining and presenting candidates. They will also help you define your hiring needs, project goals, create an enticing job posting, gather and vet top matches, organize your initial interviews, manage contracts & payments, and monitor performance! Here are some other perks: 

    • You're our top priority. You'll have a dedicated Account Executive and a Success Specialist to help you through the entire process.
    • We offer a 48-hour turnaround, all thanks to our team of experts and A.I. matching technology.
    • We don't just send any resume your way. We'll only send you the top freelancers who match your skill needs, rate, availability and pass our vetting standard. 
    • We are, and always will be, upfront about freelancers' rates and any negotiations made along the way.
    • We give you insights on average rates and market supply vs demand to help you position yourself accordingly and assist with project forecasting.
    • We'll keep you looped in every step of the way to ensure that you're never left in the dark.
Hiring Contract
  • Can I extend or terminate freelance contracts?

    Of course! We’re always happy to assist in extending contracts with our consultants. You can extend the contract by simply notifying us of your extension request and details. We’ll then obtain an agreement from the On-demand Professional, and if they’re available for extension, we’ll take care of drawing up the new contract details! 

    You can terminate a contract before the agreed-upon date. We ask that you provide at least a 14-days notice to give the consultant enough time to start seeking a new freelance contract opportunity. 

  • What if I'm not satisfied with the professional’s work?

    With our 14-day guarantee, you have time to decide whether this professional is the right fit for the position. We want you to secure the best talent, so if you’re not satisfied within these first 14 days, you can notify us, and you won’t need to pay for the billable hours (we’ll take care of that). 

    After this 14-day slot has passed, you can still terminate the contract with your freelancer. Should you decide to end the contract, you’ll need to notify us of the termination and pay for the work completed before contract termination. 

    During the contract, you can provide us with feedback at any time as we want to ensure that both Customer and On-demand Professionals work successfully together.