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Reimagining the Future of Talent Resource Management

Leverage Oomple Copilot to dive into contract staffing, grow your business, and distinguish your agency from competitors. Our targeted tools are specifically designed for you to find the resources you need for your clients at the right price and time.

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Search an Active Network of Professionals

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Build Proactive Candidate Pools

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Seamlessly Manage & Nurture Candidates

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Proactively Grow Your Network

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In today's fiercely competitive talent landscape, your talent acquisition team deserves more than just an applicant tracking system

They deserve a budget-friendly solution that empowers them to cultivate authentic relationships with candidates. Enter Oomple Copilot – your cost-effective ticket to extending beyond simple emails or LinkedIn messages, offering user-friendly nurturing features for building real connections.

Why Oomple and Agencies are a Match Made in Heaven 

Our platform streamlines staffing by offering quick access to specialized talent and a scalable network of on-demand professionals, improving project margins with cost-effective solutions. Flexible hiring options cater to diverse client needs, ensuring a perfect match for both short-term and long-term projects.
product-icon-01NO DIRECT ATS INTEGRATION?No problem. Import your database and utilize our simple link system to maintain ATS functionality.
product-icon-03ALREADY HAVE A DATABASE?Oomple enriches your existing database with self-managed profiles and a vibrant networking effect, saving you time on data upkeep.
product-icon-02NEW TO CONTRACT BUSINESS?Leverage our active network to dive into contract staffing and grow your business.

Optimizing Agency Outreach

Save 8+ hours weekly on outreach

Agencies today face the challenge of efficiently sourcing talent and managing communications amidst budget constraints.

Oomple Copilot addresses these challenges head-on, offering a comprehensive suite for streamlining talent acquisition and enhancing candidate relationships - at one low cost.

Streamlined Talent Sourcing & Comms

Save 10+ hours on weekly communication

Integrate Oomple Copilot to reclaim over 8 hours weekly on outreach and save another 10 hours on communication.

Our platform centralizes your talent pool, utilizing a comprehensive database of professionals to significantly reduce time-to-fill.

Engage freelancers, consultants, and on-demand professionals more effectively, fostering stronger connections and elevating the candidate experience.

Cost-Effective Candidate Management

One platform. One price.

Oomple Copilot makes recruitment a breeze for agencies, focusing on what matters: building strong candidate relationships without getting bogged down by CRM or database management.

Our affordable subscription offers a vast talent pool, enhancing your agency's value cost-effectively. Say goodbye to expensive tools—our fixed-price model, easy ATS integration, and flexible hiring options ensure you're perfectly matched with both short-term and long-term projects, boosting your margins effortlessly.

Empower Your

Talent Relationship Management

with Oomple Copilot

Elevate your talent relationship management with Oomple Copilot, offering proactive contract planning with availability tracking, a centralized and transparent hub for applications across different companies, and the ability to manage your entire business in one place, encompassing everything from candidate experience to documents and billing.

1000+ Of new opportunities each month
550+ Companies and agencies on the platform
96% Satisfaction on opportunity matching

Your Journey to Talent Success Begins Today

Experience Proactive Recruitment and Build Lasting Connections with Oomple Copilot.