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Connect with Top Talent Anytime, Anywhere.

Oomple is a network-driven recruitment platform for staffing agencies.

We streamline your hiring process, enabling your team to easily attract and manage top consultants while enhancing your competitive edge.


Search an Active Network of Professionals

Search an Active Network of Professionals

Build Proactive Candidate Pools

Build Proactive Candidate Pools

Seamlessly Manage & Nurture Candidates

Seamlessly Manage & Nurture Candidates

Proactively Grow Your Network

Proactively Grow Your Network

Hire Smarter and Faster with AI-Powered Data and Insights

Hire Smarter and Faster with AI-Powered Data and Insights

Trusted by Top Staffing Agencies


Finding Top Talent Has Never Been Easier

Oomple Copilot goes beyond traditional sourcing like LinkedIn and job boards, offering a revolutionary platform for consultancies focused on precision and efficiency.

Our advanced AI and real-time data analytics connect you with top project-based, freelance and consultant talent, streamlining the hiring process for quick and accurate matches. With seamless ATS and CRM integration and a vast network of pre-vetted professionals, we ensure quality and speed in recruitment.

Transform your talent acquisition into a strategic advantage with Oomple, empowering smarter hiring decisions and driving growth. Trusted by industry leaders, we're revolutionizing how agencies source and manage talent.

Meet the World's Most Powerful Talent Network

Harness the Network Effect

Oomple is an ecosystem that leverages the power of network effects to enhance your candidate sourcing strategy. Set your parameters, and let Oomple do the heavy lifting.

From building a robust candidate pipeline, managing wishlists, to running background candidate matching, our platform ensures you find the candidates you need, precisely when you need them, without endless searching.

Seamless Skills Matching and Vetting

We know hiring is not just about filling a position but ensuring a candidate's capabilities and skills align perfectly with the client's needs.

Oomple employs advanced matching algorithms and comprehensive vetting processes, enabling you to validate the resources and ensure their qualifications meet the stringent requirements of your clients.

Cost-Effective Candidate Management

Agencies today face the challenge of efficiently sourcing talent and managing communications amidst budget constraints.
Oomple Copilot addresses these challenges head-on, offering a comprehensive suite for streamlining talent acquisition and enhancing candidate relationships - at one low cost.

Integration and CRM Built for the Future

Connect Oomple seamlessly with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and benefit from our built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.
This integration simplifies the management of candidate relationships and enhances your recruitment process, making Oomple an indispensable tool for modern consultancies.

Trusted by Top Agencies

“Oomple's innovative platform has a more positive and beneficial approach to both consultants and agencies. We're able to really leverage the platform to meet our complex hiring needs.”
Michael GiguereSenior Director | MaxSys
“Oomple made life easy when it came to hiring, the platform provided a wide selection of ready-now candidates, simplifying the recruitment process and enabling Talasoft to focus on its core mission.”
Talal EidCo-Founder and COO | Talasoft
"Oomple offered a comprehensive solution that combined both candidate management and sourcing capabilities. We were initially drawn to its ability to automate job postings to multiple different job boards, track candidate progress, and source potential candidates from various channels."
Tam NguyenHead of Talent | Orangutech

Empower Your

Talent Relationship Management

with Oomple Copilot

Elevate your talent relationship management with Oomple Copilot, offering proactive contract planning with availability tracking, a centralized and transparent hub for applications across different companies, and the ability to manage your entire business in one place, encompassing everything from candidate experience to documents and billing.

1000+ Of new opportunities each month
550+ Companies and agencies on the platform
96% Satisfaction on opportunity matching

Your Journey to More Successful Placements Begin Today

Experience Proactive Recruitment and Build Lasting Connections with Oomple Copilot.