Oomple Vs. Staffing Agencies

Oomple’s mission is to provide a better solution and bridge the gap between On-demand Professionals and companies looking for the skills & knowledge they need to complete a project. So, what makes us different from staffing agencies?

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Oomple Vs. Staffing Agency Overview

Which Platform Should You Choose to Find Work?

Traditional Staffing Agency
Platform & Network Active marketplace & integrated tools to support from planning to onboarding Broker model supporting a transaction. Use inactive databases
Matching Process AI matching to over 50 data points and human review Human screening process only
Customer Support Regular check-ins from a dedicated support specialist Support is available if you need it
Transparency Visibility on rates, availability, market data and communicate openly
Limited visibility on rates and next steps. Stand between customers & professionals
Location & Access No geographic limitations. Access to a global marketplace that supports on-site & remote opportunities Typical work with companies in specific locations with limited talent networks outside those areas
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Disrupting the Current Staffing Industry

Oomple was created to disrupt the current staffing industry. Our team wanted to find a way to improve the experience for both professional freelancers and companies looking to hire. Traditionally, staffing agencies lack visibility and the process tends to be long and costly. With our AI-driven approach, we’re providing you with a better solution to find the job or project that fits you best, easier, and more efficiently.

Our recruitment process involves using over 50 data points to ensure that we’re matching you to the right company. As an On-demand Professional, you’ll have access to our business platform provides you with all the tools you need to get hired and manage all your connections and work in one convenient hub.

Working With Oomple to Find the Right Fit

Companies are shifting the way they work on projects and there is more of a desire to hire On-demand Professionals now, more than ever. As an On-demand Professional, it’s all about life-work balance and it’s crucial to sign on to projects that are the right fit for your needs.

As an On-demand Professional, your knowledge and skills should be valued so we want to ensure that we match you with companies that understand and appreciate the value you bring to them! Oomple was created to leverage innovative technology to match On-demand Professionals and companies to successfully execute higher–tier contracts to support larger company initiatives.

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“Their innovative platform has a more positive and beneficial approach for both consultants and companies. We've been able to leverage the platform on many occasions to meet our complex hiring needs.”




Michael Giguere
Senior Director at MaxSys

“The Oomple consultants always fit in very well with the culture of Royal College. We've been very pleased with the candidates provided by Oomple”


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Michel Devost
Manager, Corporate Systems at Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada

"Oomple consistently provided high-quality resources. They've always been very committed to understanding our business priorities, and how they can provide resources that meet our current and future needs."



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Government of Canada


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