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- Smaller & Task based
- Shorter time commitment
- Less intricate & is skill based
Translator, Logo Designer,
Virtual Assistant, Videographer,
Social Media Manager, Electrician,
Window Cleaner, etc.
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The Oomple consultants always fit in very well with the culture of the Royal College. We’ve been very pleased with the candidates provided by Oomple.

michel_devost Michel Devost
Manager, Corporate Systems at Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada.

Oomple consistently provided high quality resources. They’ve always been very committed to understanding our business priorities, and how they can provide resources that meet our current and future needs.

govcanada Senior IT Executive of the Government of Canada

Their innovative platform has a more positive and beneficial approach for both consultants and companies. We’ve been able to leverage the platform on many occasions to meet our complex hiring needs.

michael_guiguere Michael Giguere
Senior Director at MaxSys
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with great professionals
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